3 Reasons to Move to Estonia for a Tech Job

by Maria August 21, 2018
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Already want to move to Estonia? Still deciding? Find out why this digitally advanced and uniquely entrepreneurial Northern European country is the best source of tech jobs right now.

Just a day after celebrating the country’s Day of Restoration of Independence, we’re kicking off Estonia Week at Jobbatical, in collaboration with Work in Estonia. If you’re a lover of innovation, startups, and countries with smooth UX, here’s why you should consider getting a job in Estonia, the tiniest tech giant.

To be fair, there are way more than three reasons to work in Estonia (find another great list of them here), but we’re listing three huge ones you won’t be able to resist:

1. You’ll get a whole lot of bang for your buck

Not sure you could place Estonia on a map? Here it is nestled between Finland, Sweden, Latvia, and Russia. Look really closely and you’ll see team Jobbatical waving at you.

Estonia fits plenty of impressive stats into its relatively short history as an independent nation. For starters, in 2016, Glassdoor named it the best European country to get a job for its workforce quality, labor market policies, and economic environment. Tallinn, the country’s capital, is Lonely Planet’s best-value destination in 2018, for its superb scenery and vibrant atmosphere at wallet-friendly prices.

What else makes Estonia the perfect destination for anyone looking to speed up their personal and professional growth?

More supermodels per capita than anywhere else? Check.

Some of the planet’s cleanest air and food? Check.

Fast internet, a high concentration of startups, and the most advanced digital society in the world? Triple check.


Yup, it’s a good time to move to Estonia. But you don’t just have to take our word for it:

2. All the cool kids are doing it

Estonia’s welcoming environment and wealth of tech jobs have already attracted plenty of awesome talent here from all corners of the Earth. Read the story of Nicole Tan, a Singaporean marketer and restless digital nomad who liked it so much that she found another job here once her first gig ended.

Or be inspired by Kwun-Lok Ng, an entrepreneur and developer from Hong Kong. Kwun came here for a job and ended up starting his own company (and discovering the bizarre allure of the Eurovision Song Contest).

Perhaps you’ll identify with Alex Wellman, Arnaud Castaignet, or Adam Rang. Drawn to Estonia by the exciting prospect of building a borderless digital society, these three are now all members of the groundbreaking e-Residency team.

Or be more like Vandesh Jajoo, a developer from India, who decided to move to Estonia for an inspiring work environment. As an unexpected bonus, he found out that the cold winters don’t even bother him.

Ready to follow the example of these and so many other international tech pros? Get ready for the career ride of a lifetime, because…

3. The best employers will fly you to Estonia to interview you 

If you’re a developer or data scientist, this is where things get really interesting for you. 

Work in Estonia is partnering with 12 of the most innovative Estonian employers to fly you to Tallinn!

Check out the unique opportunities and apply for specific jobs you love (or submit a general application) here before September 23rd.

(Psst, applying is super easy with just your LinkedIn account )

Move to Estonia to work at Microsoft, Skype


Jobbatical’s talent team will invite the best applicants for an interview. After that, the top two candidates for each job will be invited to Tallinn for an all-expenses-paid five-day experience. And when we say experience, we mean… experience.

Yes, you’ll meet the employers and interview for seriously awesome tech jobs. But you’ll also go to local tech events, sauna with real-life Estonians, visit the NATO Cyber Defence Center, try the finest food and craft beer, and much more (the full agenda is so top secret that our partners won’t even tell us about all the cool surprises). All thanks to Work in Estonia.

After you get a real feel for the vibe in the city, the best of the best candidates will receive an official job offer (relocation package included, natch!).

You could be just a couple of clicks and a free five-day trip away from the best career move of your life. 

Read more and start applying here, and see you soon in Tallinn!

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