4 Non-Deadly Sins to Avoid in the Office (and Everywhere Else for That Matter)

by Jobbatical April 14, 2017

Jobbatical HQ is celebrating Good Friday today. Whether or not this holiday holds any significance for you, we figured every day is a good day to be good. So we rounded up some horrible office habits for you to steer clear of. Committing the following sins won’t earn you eternal damnation, but people might think you’re a bit of a jerk, which is bad enough.

If you could stop using these ridiculous stock photos, that would be greeeaaaat. (Image by ESB Professional via Shutterstock)

The humble brag

Oh, it’s that person again. The one that’s doing you a huge favour by talking to you at all, because they’ve got that much on their plate.

We know you’re busy. We’re all busy. But now we’re mostly busy being annoyed with you. According to Elite Daily, here’s why the humble brag has got to stop:


The “Your mother doesn’t work here” approach

When people in the office aren’t taking the time to load up the dishwasher or replace the toilet paper, what do you do?

You put up an anonymous sign—confrontation is scary and should be avoided at all costs. Or do the unthinkable and talk to the people you work with if something is bothering you. (I know, that does sound pretty horrible)

So maybe these particular passive-aggressive notes in The Sun are pretty funny. But that’s not the point:


“No, but…”

Do you ever find yourself doing that thing where your response to literally everything someone says is “No, but [your opinion presented as fact]”? Stop doing that thing. It’s really annoying. Humility is the new smart and if you don’t agree, robots will take your job:



Complaining isn’t just bad for people around you. It’s really bad for you, too! First and foremost, however, it’s bad for the rest of us. So stop it.

Not that I’m complaining.

Seriously though, being too whiny will kill you:


Note: At Jobbatical, we never do any of these things and everyone is a perfect angel.

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