4 successful entrepreneurs’ tips for hiring

by Jobbatical June 09, 2016

4 successful entrepreneurs' tips about hiring

Successful entrepreneurs tend to have a few things in common. One of those unifying threads is their open-mindedness when it comes to working with different people. Here are some of the world’s top entrepreneurs’ thoughts on hiring the best.

When Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, met Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, they shared thoughts about hiring.

“Don’t hire the most qualified, hire the craziest.”
 Jack Ma

“You need people with different ideas to make a company tick, not just a bunch of yes men.”
 Richard Branson

David Heinemeier Hansson (@dhh), creator of Ruby on Rails and CTO of Basecamp, shared his thoughts about hiring in this post:

“The best are generally the best because they aren’t typical. Because they came at things from a different angle that gave them a unique perspective, which happens to provide more insights than the widely-distributed approaches.”

Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, told the reporter of The New York Times in an interview:

“We’re looking for people who see the world as it could be rather than as it is. They’re dreamers, big thinkers, and they are generally trusting. They are kids at heart — not in terms of maturity, but in terms of curiosity.”

It’s not surprising to see these similarities in their attitudes towards out-of-the-box hiring. After all, extraordinary companies need extraordinary people. They are successful because they’re not looking for the guys and girls next door — because they dare to look beyond.

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