5 European Cities to Move to for a Tech Job in 2018

by Maria Magdaleena Lamp February 02, 2018

Looking for a job in Europe? Here are Jobbatical’s picks for a career move (mostly) off the beaten track.

Tallinn, Estonia

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Fun fact:

Public transport is free for residents.

Why it’s a good time to move here:

As the capital of one of the world’s most digitally advanced countries, Tallinn is undoubtedly a top destination for tech enthusiasts. From the e-Residency programme to Starship delivery robots, there’s no shortage of game-changers on the scene (you can browse jobs here).

It doesn’t hurt its case that Tallinn still remains on the more affordable end of the cost of living spectrum and ranks 11th among the world’s capital cities for safety.

Relocating to Estonia for work is a breeze, too: if you’re joining a startup, you’ll be eligible to start working within 24 hours of accepting your job offer. Even if your new employer isn’t a startup, it probably won’t take longer than four weeks to cut through what little red tape there is.

With Estonia being as tiny as it is, Tallinn is the perfect spot for you if you love startups and tech but also don’t want to be more than 20 minutes away from the forest at any given time.

Berlin, Germany

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Fun fact:

In 2010, 13.5% of Berlin’s population were foreign nationals from 190 countries.

Why it’s a good time to move here:

Yes, we know — Berlin doesn’t exactly qualify as “off the beaten track.” But Europe’s capital of cool is, frankly, too cool to stay off this list. Aside from the mind-boggling party and culture scene, the job opportunities are as inspiring as the city itself.

Berlin should be your top pick if you won’t settle for anything less than extreme creativity (just check out this street art to start with) around you. This blog post by Tia Hardy Robinson details the ins and outs of finding a startup job in this astonishingly diverse city.

Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Fun fact:

In 2011, the The Intelligent Community Forum named Eindhoven the Intelligent Community of the Year.

Why it’s a good time to move here:

Team Studyportals, an education platform hiring in Eindhoven, tells us that what makes Eindhoven unique is its constant and extreme innovative spirit. That’s easy enough to say, but this small Dutch city delivers the goods.

The city is a hotspot for design and in 2013, Eindhoven had the highest patent intensity in the world. Today, High Tech Campus Eindhoven is outperforming other European higher education facilities in all innovation types.

To compete with better-known high-tech regions and win the war for talent, the city is looking to invest considerably in infrastructure and innovation, so even bigger and better things are bound to come out of this town in the near future.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Fun fact:

With 542 square metres of public green space per resident, Ljubljana was named European Green Capital 2016.

Why it’s a good time to move here:

Although increasing in popularity, Ljubljana, one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, still definitely qualifies as “off the beaten track” and remains relatively affordable.

Like Tallinn, Ljubljana benefits from the small size of the country it’s in, placing the city conveniently close to everything else Slovenia has to offer — which includes the Alps and a subtropical coast, in case you were wondering.

The city itself is famous for its environmental awareness: among European capitals, it has the highest share (63%) of separated waste collected. This pocket-sized capital might be the closest you’ll ever feel to being in harmony with nature while still enjoying the comforts of city living.

Conveniently enough, Slovenians also happen to be among the best English speakers in the world, making it easy for you to get settled in if you do decide to find a job there.

Helsinki, Finland

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Fun fact:

Helsinki is rated second in the world for highest personal safety.

Why it’s a good time to move here:

In his interview for the Jobbatical Blog, Andrew Kolokolnikov, Talent Business Partner at Yousician (a music learning app based in Helsinki) hit the nail on the head: “It’s a very safe, predictable and stable place. That’s a great advantage of Finland — it’s a society that works. In a way, it’s the best place on Earth. Finland cares about people and that deserves a great deal of respect.”

Indeed, Finland ranks second in the world for quality of life. Work satisfaction is high — partly because IT talent is in short supply, so companies go out of their way to cater to them.

If you like being pampered at work (check out these Helsinki jobs to see what we mean) and don’t mind cold winters, Finland’s a winner.

Please note that while all job openings linked to in this article were live on Jobbatical at the time of publishing, we can’t guarantee that they’ll be available by the time you read this. Thank you for your understanding. If you missed a good one, check out other openings here and…

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