5 things making our world better this week: emotional roller coaster edition

by Jobbatical March 31, 2017

Happy Friday, Earthlings! Your friendly neighbourhood Jobbatical copywriter is here with a handful of links to sprinkle on your weekend to make it extra special.

Today’s roundup will calm you down… THEN GET YOU ALL WOUND UP… and then calm you down again. (Image by milanzeremski via Shutterstock)

Back that junk up

It’s World Backup Day (apparently—who knew?)! Today, give yourself the gift of instant peace of mind by backing up all your files. Future you will thank you. ‘Cause you know that sooner or later something awful is going to happen to all of your devices. It’s a law of nature.


Speaking of nature…

In light of some recent global events, have you found yourself thinking, ‘Welp, there goes the planet!’? Yeah, Mother Nature hasn’t exactly been having a good time these days. But China is closing down some of its ivory facilities. So at least we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.



DID YOU HAVE A LONG WEEK? ARE YOU STRESSED OUT? IS ALL THIS CAPS LOCK GIVING YOU ANXIETY RIGHT NOW? WHAT IF I PUT IT IN BOLD? Now take a deep breath. Turns out that slowing your breathing actually, scientifically, for realsies calms you down. So remember that the next time you read the news.



If all that slow breathing calmed you a bit too far down, these extreme activities listed by Lonely Planet should get the adrenaline racing again. Descending into an Icelandic volcano? Zip line roller coasters? MOUNTAIN UNICYCLING? Just reading about it makes me want to lie down for a minute.


Now let’s get to the cute stuff

This girl, for one, welcomes our new robot overlords. In doing so, she has succeeded in delighting the entire internet. As a species, we have a lot to learn from this video of little Rayna being the epitome of a decent human being—go hug a robot today! Or your water heater, I guess, if you prefer.


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