5 things making our world better this week: puppies, mostly

by Jobbatical March 24, 2017

Happy Friday, internet explorers! It’s been… Well, it’s been quite a week. Here’s Jobbatical’s weekly roundup of things we need more of in our lives. (Spoiler: it’s mostly puppies, but also drip-free wine and visually pleasing atmospheric phenomena)

You KNOW I took my sweet time choosing the right puppy picture for this. (Image by Kotruro2 via Shutterstock)

The science behind our obsession with puppies

Thursday was National Puppy Day. Enough said, really. Because puppies. If you ever feel guilty for looking at too many adorable animal pictures on the internet, remember there’s a scientific reason for it, as explained by National Geographic (plus it’s good for your brain).



I’d argue that dogs save lives just by existing, but many of them go the extra mile. Prepare your warm and fuzzies for some serious overtime—these stories about heroic dogs are the one thing that will stop aliens from blowing up our planet one day. Guaranteed.


So pawternity leave is a thing

On today’s episode of Why Was I Not Told About This Sooner?? we find out that some companies give employees paid time off to bond with (but mostly clean up after) their new pets. It’s a bit irresponsible, really, because I can only see this ending with everyone on the planet adopting 20 dogs.


The other Aurora

Like the third Hemsworth brother, the Aurora Australis knows all about living in the shadow of more famous siblings. But the Southern Lights are just as talented and handsome—um, I mean just as spectacular and awe-inspiring as their northern counterparts. For today’s dose of travel inspiration, feast your eyes on Mother Nature’s most exquisite display of look-what-I-can-do prettiness.


Drink responsibly—don’t spill it

In no way do we at Jobbatical endorse drinking. Having said that, we don’t 100% not endorse it either. A glass of wine at the end of a long week is nothing to be ashamed of. And now, thanks to this man’s groundbreaking discovery, we can have it without ruining our tables and clothes (although the inventors of kalsarikännit solved that part of the problem ages ago).


I’ll leave with you with this legendary puppy who literally can’t even at this point. May you always find joy in the little things in life!

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