5 things making our world better this week: Why is the cake always a lie?

by Jobbatical March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, fellow nerds, and welcome to Jobbatical’s weekly roundup of things you absolutely need to know! Plus a super special bonus GIF.

Shamrock! It’s probably against the law not to do this on St. Paddy’s. Image by nimmersatt via Shutterstock

Today’s Google doodle for president!

Isn’t ‘two shamrocks high-fiving each other’ just the cutest gosh darn thing you’ve heard all week? Because hellooooo, it’s two anthropomorphic shamrocks high-fiving each other on a tiny island. Look at their serene little shamrock faces! The Star Wars connection is just an extra nerdy cherry on top.


Birthday pi

Tuesday was Pi Day. Even if you’re not that into numbers, you have to appreciate the convenient excuse to eat pie! If, however, you are into numbers, you’ll love this nifty little program that finds your birth date in the first million digits of pi.


Pi might be slightly irrational, but the cake is a downright lie

We’re all about healthy living at Jobbatical (there’s a giant box of kale in the office, which, according to our calculations, will automatically make us all live forever, don’tcha know), but salad that’s lying about being cake is wrong on every level. These sneaky salad cakes sure do look pretty though.


Learn to write good

Here in Jobbatical’s Department of Words and Things, we’ve always known that the Oxford comma would end up saving the world one day. Mind you, we don’t always use it. And when we do, we’re not sure if we’re doing it right, because commas are hard. But any sort of word and grammar nerdery gets us awfully excited, and the Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Comma certainly qualifies!


Who’s a pretty bird? We ALL are.

Meet everyone’s spirit animal and a perfect metaphor for pretty much everything. Doing the rounds on the internet this week is a bird—a bush stone-curlew, to be precise—mesmerized by its own reflection. We’d like to think he’s just figuring some stuff out. Why are we here? What, really, is the point of anything? Today, take some time out of your busy schedule to contemplate your inner ‘other bird’. Then report back with any epiphanies you might have had.


Bonus GIF!

May we never, never-ever-ever stop living our lives like Interview-Crashing Kids. Keep the magic alive and join us again next week!

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