5 Important Things I Bet You’ve Been Too Busy to Do Today

by Maria July 14, 2017

These daily activities may all seem really obvious—until you realise you’ve been too busy to remember to do them.

These days, who can’t relate to shouting into two landline phones simultaneously? (Photo: Elnur/Shutterstock)

If you’re a millennial startup workaholic or just any kind of human being with a (desk) job, it’s likely you spend most of your week sitting down and feeling stressed out about stuff. When you’re not stressed, you’re probably feeling guilty about it—is there something you’re forgetting to worry about? Surely there must be something you could be worrying about!

As a result of all this stress and worry, you’re now too distracted to remember some basic physical and mental health maintenance tasks.

Here are five little things I personally keep forgetting to do during a typical workday—they make a difference. Use your allotted worrying time on these activities instead!


Brought to you from (nearly) the same corner of the world as kalsarikännit (the noble Finnish tradition of drinking alone at home in your underwear), fika is the ancient Swedish art of meeting up with someone for coffee and cake. It’s as simple as that.

When in doubt, do as the Swedes do.

Wait, NO! The other thing! The cake thing! (Photo: Nejron Photo/Shutterstock)

At Jobbatical, we use the Donut Slack integration to schedule company-mandated one-on-one time. Work talk is strictly forbidden and we actually get to know the people we work with. Sounds crazy, but it does the trick.

Eat your vegetables

Having been on a strict diet of cold chicken nuggets from the office fridge for quite some time now, let me just say—that’s not right. A nugget in each hand, I’ve been forced to admit, does not qualify as a balanced meal. Who knew?

Remind me—which part of the chicken is the nugget? (Photo: Timolina/Shutterstock)

It’s way too easy to get lured in by a fully stocked fridge, and before you know it, your meals for the day have all been snacks.

Be nice to your body, OK? Feed it green leafy things. Have a decent lunch somewhere other than at your desk. And maybe don’t eat leftover birthday cake for breakfast.


On a closely related note, please remember to drink enough water. You might be dehydrated without knowing it, which can lead to all sorts of unpleasantness, including an unexpected feeling of hunger that will inevitably lead to more chicken nuggets, if you’re me.

Plus, who doesn’t love an invigorating trip to the water cooler? (Photo: Pressmaster/Shutterstock)

Get some sunshine

If you have a reasonable job that allows you out of the building every now and again, take advantage of it! Go for a little stroll to clear your head. Grab a cup of coffee from the place down the street. Instagram some clouds.

If your job doesn’t allow you out of the building for five minutes to clear your head and Instagram a cloud, it might be time to find a new job.


Laughter is the ultimate stress reliever. Don’t be afraid to be funny at work. It pays off in spades—people think you’re more confident, communication becomes easier, and it’s just… well, fun.

Every once in a while, be the person that makes the rest of the office say, “They are having way too much fun in that meeting! Why am I not in that meeting?”

Well, this is sufficiently horrifying! Has science gone too far? I just wanted a nice stock photo of people laughing. (Photo: photototo/Shutterstock)

Pro-tip: If you’re really pressed for time, combine all five of these activities by going out—on foot—for a lunch-and-coffee break with someone you find funny (and ask for tap water). Day saved!

Pro-tip 2: Follow @tinycarebot on Twitter for helpful reminders like this. The downside is having to remember to check your Twitter feed, which is not great for productivity.

This post was brought to you by Everyone’s Grandmother at Jobbatical. Be a dearie and hit that 💙 if you liked it and if you’re sure you’ve had enough to eat today!

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