A short interview with our CEO and her three-year-old daughter.

by Jobbatical January 14, 2016

An Estonian toddler tagging along on a Malaysian jobbatical.

Meet Karoli Hindriks — founder and CEO of Jobbatical — and her daughter Maya. Together they’re proving that having a family does not mean an end to globetrotting! They’ll be spending the next two months in Kuala Lumpur with over half of the Jobbatical team (read more here). Let’s see what they have to say.

So Karoli and Maya, how long have you been in Malaysia?

Karoli: Twelve days.

Maya: I don’t know.

You’ve probably started to settle into a work routine then. What’s your favorite spot around the house to work?

Karoli: At the outdoor table by the pool, under the fan. I love working in the fresh air with the sound of water nearby.

Maya: In the pool.

Mother & daughter hard at work.

What’s your favorite thing about Malaysia so far?

Karoli: The food is really great, and I like that it’s so easy to navigate here even if you’re not local. English is even visible in the grocery stores! It’s a society open to visitors and newcomers. And the price quality ratio is quite amazing. We actually had a dinner for five in a delicious Chinese restaurant with a budget below $20. One can certainly build their own little paradise here much faster than for example in London or in San Francisco just because the price quality ratio is so much better.

Maya: The turtles.

Maya and Karoli feeding the turtles.

How does being here help you with your work?

Karoli: Even before coming here we already saw that businesses here are interested in bringing in foreign talent through Jobbatical, but now meeting with them in person we are gaining an even better understanding of the market, and it’s really really fascinating to get to know it.

Maya: I like the kindergarten.

Karoli & teammate connecting with a local entrepreneur. Maya connecting with local kindergarteners.

Thoughts on the Malaysia startup scene?

Karoli: I think that Malaysian entrepreneurs are very open-minded towards the world, towards international people. It’s so easy to adapt here, coming from abroad, and I think that this attitude really impacts what kind of businesses come out this country. I bet we will hear even more about the Malaysian tech scene in the upcoming years!


We would have asked more questions, but these are two very busy women here, and they had some important emails and pool toys to attend to. Tell us any questions you have for Karoli and Maya in the comments, or tweet to @karolihindriks or @Jobbatical.

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