How to Turn Your Passion Into a Job and Film Your Way Across Europe

by Gonzalo December 01, 2016

Adriano Spadaro is a filmmaker and law student from Italy who spent the past few months filming his way around Europe for Eurosender, a company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Below, he relates his unique experience and future career plans.

To start off, can you tell me what you do for Eurosender?

I’m a video content creator. This is the new way to call filmmakers that work for companies in marketing. But I’m a filmmaker, I love cinema and so I try to create content in a “cinematic way” –– web series and reels of all the capitals of Europe.

When did you start thinking about working abroad in Slovenia, and what made you decide to accept their offer?

I was checking my profile on LinkedIn and saw a message from a friend who sent me this ad with the title: “Hey, Filmmakers! Want to Travel Across Europe?”

In my mind the answer was, “Sure.”

A few days after my application they called me for an interview and explained the job and location––Slovenia.

“Yes, I know the country but know nothing about it,” I thought. “So… why not try to live in a place I don’t know anything about.” And also, “Three months abroad to film all around Europe. This is perfect for me. I love travel, I love film.”

Before joining Eurosender, you spent some time at the New York Film Academy. Looking back, what was the most important thing you took away from that experience?

Since I was a child my passion was cinema and in 2012 finally my dream came true: I studied filmmaking in New York City (New York Film Academy) during the summer. In the past few years my passion of filmmaking became a real job and I’m trying to start a video production company with some friends.

I learned a method at NYFA. They teach you how to manage video production from development to post-production. The experience in NYFA didn’t just give me technical skills but a different way to see my passion, a lot of friends, and the magical atmosphere of the life of a filmmaker in New York City — everyone was in a rush but also always satisfied.



Where do you want to see your career going in the next few years, and how is working with Eurosender helping you to get there?

I really would like to see the company that I’m starting with my friends and colleagues in my city grow in the best way. And then… the biggest dream for my career is cinema––making movies.

Eurosender for sure showed me how a startup works, the force of an international team that works together and is always ready to say YES, I’M IN. So it was really a great example to follow.

How do you think living abroad has helped your career and personal growth?

I spent a lot of time in Switzerland to work and in New York to study. But this time the approach was different. I was abroad to do my real job, the job that I’ve chosen for my life. It helped me to realize that maybe I can do that in my city, in my country and I hope all over the world.



What was your experience like in Ljubljana? Did you find it easy or difficult to adjust?

Ljubljana is really nice, not very small but not big at the same time. It’s not difficult to manage and everything works perfectly. The public transportation is regular, going out is fun and cheap and there are really nice places to spend time and relax. Finding an accommodation is also manageable because it is a university city and there are a lot of shared student flats.

I also found a great company of people at Eurosender and we enjoyed a lot of great times together. So it was not difficult but a pleasure.

If you had to sum up Ljubljana in one sentence, how would you describe it?

Ljubljana is a small gem to be discovered.





Finally, what advice would you give to someone considering moving abroad for work?

“My friend, do it!”

Sometimes we are afraid about the time that we can waste or about the money or about leaving our life and relationships that we’ve built. But never say no to an experience that can give you something more. At the end, money and relationships are recoverable… but not time.

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