Agoda, A World Class Technology Company First and a Global Travel Empire Second.

by Dea Martinjonis May 29, 2017

Work where a vacation is seen as market research.

Everyone loves to travel

In fact, about 1 in 10 jobs on the planet are related to travel. Working at Agoda means you’re at the heart of the travel industry with a multinational reach that extends into every home searching for vacation accommodations.

“Wai” greeting in Thailand. Image via Shutterstock.

You’ll learn to use “wai” here

What is wai? While it’s the palms pressed together greeting of all Thais — it’s also a state of mind. Unrivaled hospitality abides in the “land of smiles.” Agoda’s largest office is based in Bangkok, Thailand, a cornucopia of sights, smells, sounds, and colors ripe for exploration. Employees like to go on a lot of weekend getaways in paradise. From Bangkok, you can travel from beach to jungle to ancient ruins all within a day. Favorites of the Agoda employees are Pattaya Beach, Ayutthaya’s Ancient Ruins, Kanchanaburi’s jungles and the Khao Yai’s mountains.

Thailand in all its glory

A startup with a grown up bank account

Agoda is part of the Priceline Group’s portfolio of the biggest online travel companies in the world. This gives it the ability to pivot and experiment on new technology and ideas without fear; a nice quality to have when you’re a developer who wants access to all the latest technology and the ability to play around with it.

Diversity is the name of the game here

With a team of 3,000+ professionals in 40+ countries, diversity is what makes the company hum. This cultural melting pot creates an atmosphere of rich creativity and collaboration. New ideas and experimentation are encouraged and nurtured in this environment.

Agoda team in Bangkok

Who says you have to be in Silicon Valley for access to the best technology

Why do some of the best developers and engineers work here? Agoda uses cutting edge technology and likes to keep innovating; languages like Scala, technologies like Kafka and Redis, Cassandra, and Aerospike — as a technology company first, it’s the key to their success.

Agoda’s structure is bottom up

Employees create and build the company. Product owners get a chance to test things and escalate up to senior management. Agoda believes in experimentation and testing. In fact, it gives engineers the freedom of ownership. After all, it’s a data-driven company.

Bangkok skyline. Image from Agoda

Travel — this place is all about it

A vacation is seen as market research and taken seriously. If you don’t know your product, you don’t know your company.

Looking for more reasons to move to Bangkok? We asked Agoda employees to put together a list of their favorite things about Bangkok and Thailand.

Favorite food experience: Gaggan (also, the Train Night Market Ratchada) / The Never Ending Summer restaurant / Suanthip Restaurant (Thai cuisine)

Favorite market: Train Night Market Ratchada

Best street food: Train Night Market Ratchada / Pier 21 at Terminal 21, BTS Asoke / MRT Sukhumvit.

Best long weekend in Thailand: Bicycle the Green Lung, see a movie in Theater 1 at the Diplomat Screens at Central Embassy, have beer and German food @ G’s Restaurant (Silom soi 4) / National Museums of Thailand / The Grand Palace

Best literary vacation: Level 6 @ Central Embassy (spectacular book browsing experience!)

Best event in Bangkok every year: Loy Krathong

Best local food (near the office): Food Court @ Amarin Plaza

And…if you only do one thing in Bangkok you have to… take a Khlong tour (Small Teak Boat Tours)

Sound like paradise? I thought so. Right now Agoda has (50+) jobs for developers, full-stack engineers, data scientists and more all in beautiful Bangkok. Start your adventure by applying now.

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