How Jobbatical Helped Asolvi Add To Their Growing International Team

by Gonzalo March 08, 2019

Location: Trondheim, Norway.

Positions Hired: Full-stack Developer.

Who was hired: Roberto Víquez as Full-Stack Developer from San José, Costa Rica to Trondheim, Norway.

Asolvi had been understaffed for quite a few months. The backlog on projects was growing and they needed to find right full-stack developer to complement their team.

Asolvi is a leading provider of service management software for SMEs in the field service industry in Europe. Their products – Evatic, Tesseract, CBS, 2serv, Vantage Online and WinServ are used by over 1000 customers in 35+ different countries to help manage engineers, contracts, and service tasks. Asolvi has offices in the Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Benelux and France.

A talent shortage

There is a shortage of experienced developers in Norway, or so Asolvi came to realize when they set out to hire a full-stack developer for their Trondheim office. They had been understaffed for a period and they needed someone to help with the backlog on current and upcoming projects.

Asolvi was looking for a developer with a wide skill set and experience. The role would require experience with JavaScript, CSS, HTML,C#, SQL and DevOps, but most importantly, Asolvi was looking for a proactive team player with excellent communication skills and who would enjoy working in an ever-changing work environment.

Asolvi hears about Jobbatical

Before trying Jobbatical, Asolvi had looked for candidates through national and international recruitment channels, but they weren’t having any luck. “The Norwegian market is very hard,” according to Janne Langø, development manager at Asolvi, “everyone is looking for developers, but there is a shortage of talent in Norway. Luckily one of our developers told me about Jobbatical.”

Jobbatical helped Asolvi tap into a market they previously had no access to. Of the applications they received, most of the developers were located in South America and Europe, and had at least 3-5 years of experience, something that impressed Asolvi.

“The level of applicants was awesome,” said Janne, “most of them referenced both Norway and our company when applying and were always professional in their communication with us. Even when they did not reach the next stage in the interview process, they replied courteously, and several applicants even asked for feedback as to why they didn’t get through. This was unusual.”

The quality of applicants made Jobbatical stand out. Asolvi’s previous international hiring efforts had been difficult, as they received applications from people who lacked experience or did not even match the profile they were after.

Roberto learns about Asolvi

At the time of his recruitment, Roberto Viquez was self-employed as a web developer in San José, Costa Rica. He had previously worked as an IT support specialist, application developer and senior front-end developer, among many other roles. Roberto had almost 20 years of experience in customer service, application development and system architecture under his belt and thought that his experience and skills would be asset to Asolvi and that he could help them grow. After several interviews via Skype, completing a coding assignment and coming to the Trondheim office for a visit, he decided to take the leap and move to Trondheim with his family.

Asolvi believes in growing and developing their business through developing their people. They believe that every person has something unique to bring to the team, and they help them see it through individual coaching. Coaching is a great tool that unlocks potential in people and lets them really shine. Roberto was keen to learn new things and take on new challenges, he was everything that this ambitious and growing company was looking for.

Sorting relocation challenges

Asolvi used Onboard Norway, a relocation services agency for international talent in Norway. “Even before we hired Roberto they had a Skype interview with him, telling him what to expect as a newcomer to working life in Norway and ensuring his motivation for applying for the job was the right one,” explains Janne.

Onboard Norway helped with the visa process, they helped Roberto and his family find a place to stay, find a kindergarten for their son and helped them enrol their daughter into school. Roberto and his family were greeted upon arrival at the airport by Onboard Norway and were offered total support for the first months, which consisted of school visits, finding a kindergarten, visiting the tax office, bank, immigration office and more. Onboard Norway ensured the transition for Roberto and his family went smoothly.

Finding the right fit
Asolvi has a truly international team with people from all over the world. Roberto fit right in. Roberto loves the Norwegian flat management structure and has adopted it pretty much from day 1. With his lively, outgoing personality Roberto has added more life into the organization and to his team.

“He fit right into the Asolvi family.”, mentions Janne Langø.

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