How a Company in Budapest Hired a Brazilian JavaScript Developer

by Maria July 11, 2019
Man wearing headphones looks out at a view of Budapest, Hungary

You could say this company was… Hungary for tech talent. And Jobbatical delivered.

Based in Budapest, Hungary, bene : studio is a constantly growing developer studio that works with JavaScipt technologies: mainly with the most cutting-edge frameworks like React, React Native, and Node.js.

Constantly growing = constantly hiring… Full-stack developers.


Oh, wait. It’s not. Not in a world where hiring a developer can take 95 days. Definitely not in a world where education systems can’t churn out developers fast enough, potentially leaving as many as 1.8 million IT jobs unfilled by 2022. 

Nope, it’s not easy. Not even for a Loveable Workplace Prize winner with a proven track record of being, in a word, awesome.

At its core, bene : studio is all about humans giving their absolute best and helping each other succeed. Minutes away from the shores of the legendary river Danube in beautiful, safe, and cheap Budapest, this team sure has a lot going for it. But even they have their hands full finding the right talent.

Finding a developer ready to relocate

bene : studio works with a diverse array of global clients, so a diverse team is an absolute must, too. Hence their deliberate efforts to cast a wider net and hire from abroad. “We started to use Jobbatical especially for our relocation offer,” says Andrea Csula-Albert, Communications Manager at bene : studio. “The problem was trying to find the right candidates abroad, so this channel seemed a perfect one for this aim.”

Before turning to Jobbatical, bene : studio had struggled to find the right people willing to relocate and work on-site in Hungary, Andrea says. So when a coworker heard about the international hiring platform, the team decided to give it a try.

Their mission was clear-cut. “We were looking for a more senior full-stack JavaScript developer who could work on diverse projects and also face a team lead role soon,” says Andrea.

Looking for people on Jobbatical turned out to be easy as pie. “We really liked the compact CV templates where all candidates can provide exactly how many years of experience they have with different technologies and frameworks,” Andrea says. “That helped a lot in the evaluation phase.” 

But in hiring across geographical and cultural borders, evaluating skills and experience is only half the challenge. Most of the time, people, quite frankly, have no idea what to expect from life and a job abroad. Jobbatical helps with that, too. “What was also helpful was the personalized company profile with quick facts about Budapest,” Andrea recalls. “And the account manager was really helpful and available all the time.”

The right person was only 6,000 miles away

Soon enough, bene : studio found and promptly hired Diego, a JavaScript engineer (and, it’s fun to note, a fantasy writer—although that wasn’t one of the job requirements) based in Florianópolis, Brazil. Like most developers on Jobbatical, Diego was ready to pack up his life and put his skills to good use halfway across the world. A mere 10,700 km (6,662 miles) is nothing to a developer in pursuit of the right career move.

A team of software developers sitting around a meeting table in an office, looking at a screen
Diego and the team in action. Photo courtesy of bene : studio

As bene : studio’s second hire from Brazil, Diego fit right in. “He brought some interesting cultural features, and also some unique personal customs that we could learn from him,” says Andrea. “With Diego, we got even more international and multicultural.” And for this diverse, human-centered team, that matters.

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