Borderless Backers

by Karoli Hindriks September 30, 2017

I am happy to announce that we’ve closed our series A funding round, led by Japan-based Mistletoe Inc, along with our current investors Union Square Ventures (U.S.), AirTree Ventures (Australia), and Tera Ventures (Estonia).

We are delighted to welcome a great new partner — Mistletoe team — on board as our new investors and mentors from Japan.

When we first met with the Mistletoe team in Tokyo in March I realized that our visions about how talent mobility can improve the distribution of knowledge and fill the caps thus helping build a more creative world, are aligned.

The more our conversation proceeded, the more aligned it got. The cool thing about our team’s now almost three-years-journey is that not only are we connecting talent from all countries in the world (besides North Korea and Chad, Africa) to companies and organizations in 49 countries, but we are also bringing together the best investors from different corners of the world.

It is an honor to welcome you on board Taizo Son, Taira Atsushi, Eriko Suzuki and Takako Kaminaga!

I am also happy and proud that our last round’s investors from Union Square Ventures (U.S.), AirTree Ventures (Australia), and Tera Ventures (Estonia) all joined us during this round, too. I love how we are also making the world smaller through our investors from different corners of the Earth. Our first angel investor almost three years ago came from Finland and with Mistletoe joining Jobbatical we can almost draw a circle around the globe when connecting the locations of our mentors.

Last, but certainly not the least: thank you, Jobbatical team, for taking us to a new chapter, looking forward to our journey ahead!

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