Can’t Stop the Feeling

by Jobbatical March 01, 2017

Balloons. Image by jakkapan via Shutterstock

I was sitting in a beanbag chair this morning, doing very serious CEO things. Since I don’t have a desk at the Jobbatical office, beanbags are my main work spots when not traveling (read my previous blog post for clarification).

Then 2 things happened.

First, as I was analyzing how various Jobbatical campaigns all across the planet were performing, I had one wow-moment after another: among Jobbatical users, I saw people that Executive Search firms in the top cities of the world would want to reach out to. It was particularly exciting to see the top-level people we’ve managed to attract to the Estonian e-Residency project (a government startup), from the United States all the way to South Africa. Being from this tiny country called Estonia, it was my original vision for Jobbatical to distribute knowledge, and I’m delighted to see it’s working! People from top tech companies in the world want to join in to build a better country. In all honesty, it made teary.

And then, when I was trying to figure out my upcoming Estonia-Germany-Estonia-Thailand-Japan-Malaysia-Singapore-Indonesia trip and how to squeeze in a Jobbatical Board Meeting somewhere, while taking into account timezone differences between Europe, USA and Asia, I happened to glance up from my screen and see our Content Marketer & Copywriter casually dancing between the beanbags. That’s when I realized once again why I love our company, why I love my team, and why I love the world where we’re allowed to be who we are. Without walls to hold us back.

PS. Hope you don’t mind, Justin, for borrowing your title. My Spotify account is probably responsible for at least 1% of the plays of your song, considering how much my 4-year old daughter Maya adores it.

PS2. Sorry, Maria, for secretly filming your dance!

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