40 Ways to Take Your Career Abroad: Stories From the Jobbatical Community

by Maria June 12, 2019

At Jobbatical, we live for each and every individual career journey our users make. From Europe to Asia, America to Europe, or any other combination, each of these journeys paves the way for many others, showing us all—yes, it can be done. And boy, is it worth it.

Here’s our monster list of stories about top tech, business, and creative professionals who have found exciting career moves on Jobbatical.

It really is a long list, so grab a snack and let’s go…

Moving from Asia to Europe

Singaporean Digital Nomad’s Tips on How to Land a Job Abroad

Nikki, a globetrotting marketing guru, believes that the universe will eventually give you what you’re supposed to get. So her advice to anyone looking for their dream career opportunity is to keep trying until the answer is yes

PS, Since her story was published, Nikki has come back to Estonia for her second, more long-term jobbatical as Digital Marketing Manager at LeapIN.

The 5,600-Mile Career Step: How a Taiwanese Developer Took an iOS Job in Europe

Having lived in the Czech Republic once before, IFang knew she wanted to go back for seconds. “I like to explore and learn new things,” she says. “That’s why I wanted to work abroad. To broaden my horizons and live like a local.”

Between Berlin and Tallinn: When Working Abroad Becomes a Lifestyle

Minez Villa Bombeo from the Philippines ended up in Berlin via Tallinn. Minez is full of solid practical advice for career travelers—from making friends to finding good places to eat. She also shares how important her faith has been on her own journey.

PS. Since we spoke to Minez for this interview, she has also ended up back in Tallinn. Must be something in the water…

Berlin, Filipina, Germany

From Hong Kong To Estonia

Kwun-Lok Ng, an established entrepreneur, moved from Hong Kong to Estonia and joined Jobbatical as a B2B Marketer. He shares his enlightening and very funny account on how to cope in a totally different culture, job, and climate.

From IT to Art: How a Job Abroad Led to a Career Change

Jinesh from Mumbai who has a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction landed a jobbatical at an Estonian tech startup, excelled at it, but then decided to do a 180 and leave his lucrative career in IT to pursue a fulfilling career in art.


Moving from Europe to Asia

Jobbatical Taught This Advertising Pro That His Skills Matter Globally

Damir Abdullin from Russia left his home country for an exciting advertising role at Mindvalley in tropical Malaysia. He now reports that he has become an infinitely more confident person and realized how good he really is at his job. 

Psst, Mindvalley is hiring right now, so check out their jobs HERE to see what the fuss is all about.

Beach, Malaysia, Mindvalley

A Westerner’s Guide to Navigating Malaysian Culture

A look at what it means to get a job in Kuala Lumpur: An engineer with British and French background found himself navigating a diverse region full of vastly different cultures from the ones he had experienced before.

What It’s Like to Be a Digital Marketer on the Other Side of the World

Tessa Leenders is a social media marketer from Amsterdam who used Jobbatical to find a job in Da Nang, Vietnam.

How to Live in the Here and Now While Traveling Across Four Countries

Ingvarr Rudnik, a UX designer from Ukraine, left his home to travel with his wife Anastasia. The journey led them first to Sri Lanka, then to Thailand and Hong Kong.

A Software Developer’s Journey from Estonia to Singapore

When Kristjan was filming his video application in the midst of the peaceful Estonian landscape, he had no idea he would soon be heading to bustling Singapore. Since his move, he has discovered many things about the place – including pineapples.

From Mallorca to Bali: A Digital Nomad’s Journey to Freedom

Joaquin said goodbye to his corporate job to take off exploring the world. Since then, he has worked for Nowboat from snowy Prague as well as the sunny digital nomad hub of Bali. 

Meet Piktochart’s Prime Minister of Growth in Penang

Katja was working as a freelancer in Penang when she discovered Jobbatical. Deciding she needed something more involved, she signed up and got a job at Piktochart.


Moving from America to Europe

How an Argentinian Entrepreneur Found a Home Halfway Across the World

Meet Carlos Miceli, our very first user to land a job through Jobbatical! Before he joined our business development team in Tallinn, he had already lived in Australia, China, Chile, and Colombia.

A Bay Area Guy Moves to Finland to Work at a Hot Music Startup

Rob Pappas moved away from sunny, swanky Silicon Valley for an HR job at a cool Finnish startup. Read his story to find out how moving half a world away to the Nordics made him a more complete person—better, more patient, and more humble.

How a Yooper* Is Building a Borderless Society in Estonia With e-Residency

Learn how one Michigan marketer is helping a country tell their story of breaking down borders and disrupting the way we thought of citizenship. Alex Wellman moved to Tallinn to share how e-Residency is helping people around the world.

A Brazilian Engineer’s Journey From Employee to CTO

We first met Thiago Pappacena when he got a job as a back-end engineer with WalletSaver in Milan, Italy. Soon after, he became the CTO of the company as well as an Italian citizen. 

How a Mexican Marketer Moved to Spain for a New Job by the Sea

Alfonso Banuelos wasn’t looking to move to another country, but he felt unchallenged in his job and was concerned about the decreasing options in his native Mexico. So when a colleague posted about Jobbatical, he couldn’t help but jump at an opportunity he hadn’t considered before.

From Brazil to Ireland: A Developer in Dublin

Rodrigo Corrêa is a full-stack developer who moved from Rio de Janeiro to Dublin. We caught up with him to see how he was adjusting to the new city and lifestyle.

On Moving From Brazil to Estonia (By Way of Australia)

From the urban sprawl of Belo Horizonte to cozy Tallinn, Diogo Costa moved to Estonia to join Pipedrive as an inside sales consultant.

From D.C. to Barcelona: Growth Hacking in the Land of Tapas

Ren Geers moved from Washington D.C. to Spain for an internship that he found through Jobbatical, which turned into a full-time gig as a growth hacker.

From Minnesota to Estonia: Hacking into the Heart of the Baltics

Björn Lapakko moved to Estonia to work as a growth hacker. His reason for wanting to take a jobbatical? Why not?


Moving from Europe to America

What It’s Like to Work in the Middle of the Rainforest in Costa Rica

Originally from France, Julie Duthey has been living and working abroad in 4 countries now, and speaks 5 languages. When she joined Outward Bound Costa Rica, she shared her tale of what it’s like to live and work in a forest.


Moving from Africa to Europe

Why a South African Tech Giant Decided to Move to Estonia to Pursue His Dreams

We tracked down Rüdiger Roach to hear all about how he left a cushy job in his native South Africa to move to Estonia to join a startup. Read the full article to find out how and why Rüdiger and his wife Antonel packed up their lives and made their way to Northern Europe.

How to Move to Another Country & Adjust to a Strange Culture

Usoamaka Aninyei’s move from Nigeria to Estonia taught her to set aside expectations and fully experience the new. Her story makes for a perfect beginner’s guide to adjusting to a completely unfamiliar cultural environment.

Usoamaka came to Tallinn to join team Jobbatical. Take a look at our vacancies and become part of the team!

Road trip with the team

How a World Traveler from Egypt Found Her Dream Sales Job in Cyprus

Originally from Egypt, Jessi has also lived in Saudi Arabia, Thailand, India, and Spain. Read all about how she used Jobbatical to find her dream job, a close-knit team, and a shockingly welcoming new home country that she’s fallen deeply in love with.


Moving within the same continent (hey, it still counts)

From Palais de l’Élysée to e-Estonia

After starting his career working for Former French President François Hollande, a Jobbatical ad for Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid caught Arnaud’s eye. He applied and got the job leading public relations efforts for e-Residency.

From Kyiv to the Kitchen, With Love for UX

Ukrainian UX designer Kirill Slavetski is the perfect representative of the modern workforce—he chooses where in the world he wants to live and work.

How Robotics Brought a Ukrainian Engineer to Estonia

Sergey Kharagorgiev, a computer vision engineer from Kyiv, used Jobbatical to get a job at Starship Technologies in Tallinn. We chatted with him about computer vision, visas, and living abroad.

A Brit Moves to Estonia to Help Build a New Digital Nation

Adam Rang worked as a journalist in South Africa where he spent five years before moving back to his native UK. When he discovered Jobbatical, he used the platform to snag a communications job at e-Residency in Estonia.

How to Step into the World of Venture Capital in Latin America

After working at a food startup in New Orleans that closed down, Elise Baros started looking for jobs in the U.S. — until she came across her dream job… in Medellin, Colombia. 

How to Turn Your Passion Into a Job and Film Your Way Across Europe

Adriano Spadaro is a filmmaker and law student from Italy who spent a few months filming his way around Europe for Eurosender, a company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

How to Land a Job in Spain: Advice From a Serbian Marketing Specialist

People, sun and sea — three ingredients for a fulfilling life, according to this jobbaticler. Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Ivana Veljovic used Jobbatical to join Microapps in Malaga, Spain. 

A Conversation With a Customer Support Agent in Myanmar

Thuzar Khine, our first jobbaticler in Myanmar, is very much the globetrotter. Originally from Yangon, she has studied in Singapore and the U.S. Through Jobbatical, she found a remote position at Drvr, a company based in Thailand.

Life as a Singaporean BizDev Intern in Hong Kong

Rishi packed up his bags in Singapore to live in Hong Kong for six months. Though he moved to gain career experience, he ended up experiencing much more, spending every day on the rooftop with people from all over the world, and gaining lifelong friendships.

From Indonesia to Hong Kong: A UX Designer in a Brand New City

UI/UX designer Andrew used Jobbatical to move to Hong Kong where working feels like traveling.


Moving from Europe to Africa

How Taking a Jobbatical Led to Passion for African Microfinance

Romanian native Andrea Bratu discovered her passion for African microfinance by taking a jobbatical at a Zambian social enterprise. Andrea’s story is a shining example of how much a big, scary career leap can teach you about yourself and the world.


Moving from America to Asia

From a Desk Job to a Yoga Retreat in Thailand

Olivia Mercado told us about her journey from Bolivia to Thailand and how she found the courage to launch her own company. From graphic design and teaching to digital marketing and yoga, Olivia has seen it all in her career. She now aims to impact people’s lives through responsible, hands-on yoga teaching.

Meet Lindsay & Vicente: Digital Nomads Defining the Future of Work

From Chile to New York, these mobile professionals are embracing a new way of working.

From Las Vegas to Penang: Finding Happiness on a Malaysian Island

For this jobbaticler, it all started when a colleague tweeted a link to Jobbatical’s feature in Mashable. She poked around on the site, came across Piktochart’s posting, fell in love with what they were building, and was excited by the success of the team.

From Pennsylvania to Malaysia: A Journey to the Opposite End of the Earth

‘Honestly, as soon as I discovered that the site existed, it was a no-brainer to sign up; I just love everything about the concept of Jobbatical,’ says Nikki, a marketer from Pennsylvania who used Jobbatical to move to Kuala Lumpur.

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