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by Gonzalo January 22, 2018

Learn how an innovative finance company is using international professionals to make way for 21st century finance.

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Cash On Go is ushering in a new era of personal finance with state-of-the-art technology and skilled financial professionals who understand the industry inside and out. They set the benchmark for innovation and reliability, from personal credit to international transactions.

Recently, they hired a PHP Developer through Jobbatical, so we reached out to Cash On Go’s Laura Pukk to get their hiring experience.

Laura first heard about Jobbatical a few years ago, when our founder Karoli Hindriks spoke at a HR conference. They had tried several channels and job boards, but “filling IT positions is challenging, especially if you need more senior than junior developers.”

Cash On Go loves trying out new tools, and in the case of Cash On Go + Jobbatical, it paid off! Let’s dive into challenges and rewards from this hiring success story.

Before: What are some problems Cash On Go faced before hiring a PHP Developer?

We didn’t find good fit candidates, there was always a problem with too few people to choose from. Those few people usually dropped out in the technical test stage.

Not all of Jobbatical’s candidates passed the test, but we had so much more candidates to choose from.

The other issue that we were facing was regarding communication between us and our hiring partner. It was often hard to reach them.

For example, after three weeks I was still waiting for answers from a big international job board just to get a price offer. This is not okay!

After: How has Jobbatical helped and how have things changed since your new hire?

Jobbatical has provided a completely different selection of good-fit candidates compared towhat we have received from other channels.

The new hire (from Iran) hasn’t started work yet, as we are waiting on his work permit at the moment. However, we have already employed foreigners from all over the world, so I don’t expect this addition to change our environment drastically.

We’ve talked much with our new hire via Skype and found an interesting similarity: Estonians jump over the fire at Midsummer and Iranians jump over the fire on the last Wednesday night of the year for good health in the new year.

“Jobbatical’s team answers quickly and helps you in any way they can, so it’s very easy to communicate with them. “

Overall, how was your experience hiring internationally with Jobbatical?

Jobbatical is very easy to use and people are extremely helpful. Everything runs very smoothly. We received a surprisingly great deal of good-fit PHP Developer candidates to choose from.

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Photo credit: Kersti Niglas, from Cash On Go

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