Nowboat’s wonderful remote voyage

by Gonzalo February 12, 2018

How this remote company uses a distributed team to keep up with growth

Nowboat is a booking platform for sea adventures and boat charters. An unquenchable thirst for adventure is the unifying thread between the company’s mission and the people who work there. Almost a year ago, Joaquin — an intrepid digital nomad from Jobbatical’s talent pool — joined Nowboat as their e-Commerce Manager (read his story here).

Since then, he’s gone from being hired through Jobbatical to hiring through Jobbatical, further strengthening his team with some adventurous flair from around the world. We’d be lying if we didn’t think this was the bee’s knees, so of course, we had to investigate the recent 200% increase of jobbaticlers at Nowboat.

Nowboat has been growing fast. “The business is going really well,” says Joaquin. “We are getting more partners, more captains working with us. We are growing as a team. Before I was managing the whole platform myself, and now it’s impossible to manage by myself, so I needed some people.”

Enter Jobbatical — again. Nowboat recently took on two interns to help manage the growth of their platform: Luis from Mexico and Century from the U.S. Joaquin confirms that, much like the rest of the team, the new additions are bursting with globetrotting spirit. “Luis is in Mexico right now, but he’s moving to Europe, to study in Austria. Century is currently in Spain.” (It’s worth noting that there was also a third Jobbatical intern at Nowboat. She managed to complete her three-month stint before our news van arrived on the scene. She is now running her own business.)

Goodbye to dusty old career paths

Nowboat is a great example of a company with their own ideas about what the future of work should look like. That’s probably why they’ve had such success using Jobbatical to put a team together. “What I love about you guys is that you get people together with the same mindset,” says Joaquin. “Somebody applying for a job on Jobbatical has something in his mind that tells him it might be a good idea to apply here and not somewhere else.”

It works both ways. “The companies putting their job listings on Jobbatical are more modern, looking for talent from anywhere.” The platform also acts as a filter for people with interests such as travel. “Jobbatical gives us a lot of people with the right mentality that fit in the culture,” says Joaquin. “People willing to do something different.”

The full Jobbatical experience

Having made the transition from Jobbatical’s talent side to the employer side of the table, Joaquin has an excellent overview of the complete Jobbatical experience. “I would definitely recommend this experience to people looking to hire,” he says. “The people you find on Jobbatical are people looking for a change, for an adventure, for a new experience. You just have to make sure that they fit the culture you have in your company.”

“I like you guys because of the vision you have and I share. And hopefully in the future, this will be the norm.”

Will Nowboat continue to use Jobbatical to find people for their team? “When it comes to me, every single person I hire will be through Jobbatical,” says Joaquin.

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