How Outward Bound Costa Rica is building a truly global team

by Gonzalo January 31, 2018

Learn the difference a well-written job listing makes in international recruitment

Outward Bound Costa Rica provides students with outdoor adventures that build up their intercultural competence, Spanish language, self-awareness and life skills. Their mission is to facilitate personal growth and success in character development, leadership, service and academic achievement. With a history reaching back more than 70 years, Outward Bound now operates in over 30 countries, offering life-changing journeys to thousands of students every year.

They recently signed up on Jobbatical and hired a programs and partnerships manager from France to join their team in Costa Rica. We asked Deborah Woolley, Director of Marketing & Communications, about their experience with hiring on Jobbatical.

We want a diverse office, and Jobbatical offered us that,” says Deb. “That’s important to us. Our students are multicultural and diverse, so I want to be able to reflect that in our office. I had hired my marketing manager last February, and when I wasn’t getting the responses I really wanted from other sites, she told me about Jobbatical. I took a look at it and I thought, sounds good to me! So I posted the job.

And Jobbatical was a lot of help. When I first posted the job, the responses that I was getting didn’t meet the needs of the job itself, so I contacted Jobbatical and I said, you know, I’m not happy with these responses, what can we do? And so they rewrote the posting for me, and it was a complete change. The responses that I got, the people that applied, really were qualified. So I would recommend Jobbatical to anybody.

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