How Platonics found a unicorn developer to propel their business forward

by Gonzalo February 28, 2018

Platonics found their developer but he wasn’t where they expected he would be

Platonics is an early stage ambitious startup with a passion for 3D printing that found a unique way to fill a gap in the marketplace. Started just about a year ago by three students, the founders created a company built on friendship and filling a market gap.

We recently featured Platonics startup story about their cutting edge work developing 3D Printers for architects. The company is growing and in order to continue to do so — they needed to add another developer. Looking in the small talent pool of Helsinki was not getting them what they wanted so they threw a wide net and started looking worldwide — with the help of Jobbatical.

We spoke to Platonics Co-Founder Julio Tiusanen to get their hiring experience.

How easy is it to hire a developer with the right skill set in Helsinki?

Incredibly hard. There are too few developers and way too many companies hiring. For a small startup like ours, it is extremely hard to find developers in the job market. If any of these developers are found, it’s harder to compete for these hires when bigger companies can offer more competitive salaries and benefits.

How has hiring on Jobbatical helped your company?

It has helped us in finding the perfect talent that our company needed. If we would not have found Martin, we would have had to settle for an average developer which could have been catastrophic for the company.

How have things changed for team since the Jobbaticler Martin joined? Have you learned any new and interesting things about his home country and culture?

We are all extremely happy with him and him with us. We were able to speed up our software development which has dramatically changed the product in all the best ways possible. More than just a developer, he’s become an integral part of the team who’s always willing to suggest new ideas in other areas of the business.

His love for soccer and “yerba mate” has spread to one of our co-founders as they now drink “mate” in the afternoon and play football every once in a while.

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