How Shipitwise found a developer all-star to bridge an engineering gap

by Gonzalo February 26, 2018

Shipitwise started out international and aims to keep it that way by hiring internationally — even if it’s all the way from South Africa.

Shipitwise began in 2014 when the Founders realized the larger shipping companies had created a gap in the market due to their rigid restrictions, policies and lack of personalization. Shipitwise wanted to create an enjoyable, personalized shipping service using existing logistics supply-chain to get packages from person to person. You can read about their story here.

We sat down with Shipitwise’s co-founder and CTO, Ragmar Saksing to get his hiring experience with Jobbatical.

How has hiring on Jobbatical helped your company?

Jobbatical took a load off my chest. I don’t know exactly how they do it but they have lots of good candidates.

At Shipitwise we are seeking engineers with passion. Technology can be learned. Our three main guiding points are to learn, code, deliver. It’s a pleasure to work with Jobbatical, they’re passionate about what they do.

How have things changed for the team since Jobbaticler Rudiger joined? Have you learned any new and interesting things about his home country and culture?

Some time ago we decided to employ only foreigners. We were an international company from day one and we want to build a multi-cultural company. We did that and it is so cool, everything is different.

Do you have a funny or interesting story associated with bringing Rudiger on board?

Our girls are good organizers. They arranged a survival package for Estonia for Rudiger. Every foreigner who joins the team gets one. It includes warm clothes, blue-black-and-white things (Estonian flag colors), sim card and vodka. The reactions and surprise from our new employees are priceless.

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