How Socialatom Ventures found specialized US talent to work as a portfolio manager

by Gonzalo February 21, 2018

Socialatom Ventures found US talent to increase diversity and bring US market knowledge to the company

Socialatom Ventures invests in global tech startups from across the Americas, from sourcing talent pools to seed capital vehicles and supporting infrastructure. Operating with the notion that Silicon Valley doesn’t hold all the keys to the kingdom, Socialatom Ventures believes talent is everywhere though opportunity is not (Elise’s story is here). With a motto to always pay it forward, they actively seek global-minded business executives who intend to use the knowledge, experience and resources gained from their startup journey to continue as active investors and mentors to Latin America’s next generation of global entrepreneurs.

We recently featured Socialatom’s amazing work connecting entrepreneurs in Latin America. Socialatom Ventures likes to say that their most important venture is building the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem and now this includes Jobbaticler, Elise.

Socialatom Ventures wanted to increase diversity and bring in more talent from a market they wanted to increase participation in — the US — without having to set up shop in the US. Enter Jobbatical.

We spoke with General Partner Andres Barreto to get his hiring experience with Jobbatical.

If you want to enter a market it is possible to bring the people that understand your market very very well to your country because they want to have a broad experience especially an experience abroad and travel. This is something that the best talents want. So getting talent from the US to come to Latin America is the most efficient way to enter the US market in terms of time, in terms of cost, and execution for companies of all sizes. — Andres

How did Jobbatical help you find the right talent?

Being located in Medellin we looked for local talent — people from Medellin — and people from outside of Medellin. Even for those qualified from the same country but not in Medellin it was a challenge to come to a new environment. So with Jobbatical, the candidates had already made that decision — they were ready and willing to move. We got a lot of candidates through Jobbatical and it widened our search into new territory. This saved us a lot of time as we didn’t have to negotiate with them about relocating — we knew they were already willing to be relocated. Jobbatical candidates were more diverse in both experience and how aligned with the role they were.

How has it been having Elise on board?

It’s been fantastic!

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