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by Gonzalo February 07, 2018

This tech startup found a multi-lingual business development maven to get hotels onboard is a tech startup that recently launched their reservations platform. Their software allows hoteliers to easily automate bookings and design customized pricing algorithms (without code) for revenue management. Based in New York and London, Switch has a winter office in Canggu, Bali. To amp up their sales in the Asia-Pacific region, Switch went on the hunt for a digital nomad with the right experience and skill set. Enter Jobbatical.

Jeff Pan, CEO at, first registered on Jobbatical while in New York, and randomly bumped into a Jobbatical team member at the Tech in Asia conference in Singapore — talk about a small world! Soon after, hired a Jobbatical applicant for their Bali office (read our interview with Vicente here).

Jeff told us a bit more about how Switch found the right person for the job, and why Jobbatical is the perfect HR solution for startups and teams that are always on the move.

Which role did fill through Jobbatical?

We were looking for someone to handle our sales and business development and bring hotels onto our platform. We needed someone with previous experience working in business development for a tech startup, and who spoke multiple languages. Vicente checked all the boxes.

How easy was it to find a business development/sales professional in Bali through Jobbatical?

Surprisingly easy, actually. We received a lot of applications (around 100) in the first few days, and a surprisingly high percentage of them (maybe 20%) were already in Bali, which made it really easy for us to be selective and limit our search to the digital nomads that were already on the island.

How has hiring through Jobbatical helped your company?

It’s been quite successful since the launch. We’re signing up about one hotel each day, and Vicente picked up our sales funnel quite quickly. He will be simultaneously on a video chat with a hotel in Italy while live-chatting on intercom with a hostel owner in Spain. We designed this specific role for a global digital nomad, and it couldn’t have worked out better.

Jobbatical has been a perfect fit for our company. Our team is always on the move, and it’s an incredibly scalable solution since no other HR tech solution fits the startup scene.

Jeff is currently in London, interviewing candidates for their mobile development team. We’ll be following’s story as they continue to build an awesome team and help create a more open world, one jobbatical at a time.

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