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Jobbatical Is Changing. Here’s How & Why

by Karoli Hindriks August 06, 2019 News & Features

Think beyond borders and help the world work together —Jobbatical’s mission statement I was on my morning run in Mountain

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Estonia Launches Career Hunt 2, Global IT Recruitment Campaign With a Twist

by Maria February 14, 2019 News & Features, Talent

Estonia is pulling out all the stops to welcome skilled IT talent from across the globe Last year, Work in

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Malaysia, Astro AWANI, TV, Jobbatical CEO

CEO of Jobbatical on Malaysia’s No. 1 news channel

by Dea Martinjonis January 11, 2019 News & Features

Jobbatical’s CEO & co-founder Karoli Hindriks was a guest at Malaysia’s No. 1 24-hour news channel Astro AWANI, talking about talent

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5 Unexpected Facts (You Never Knew You Needed to Know) About Jobbatical

by Maria October 23, 2018 News & Features

It’s Jobbatical’s birthday week! Having grown from three Estonian founders to an international team of 40+ people, the company has

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Product Changelog

by Karoli Hindriks July 23, 2018 News & Features

Jobbatical is committed to matching companies with the best business, creative and technical talent from around the world. Follow our

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The Speech That Left Me Lying On The Floor with a Broken Finger in Front of A President

by Karoli Hindriks May 28, 2018 News & Features

Two weeks ago I got a call from the Office of the President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid, inviting me to

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The World’s First Digital Nomad Visa Needs Your Help

by Dea Martinjonis May 10, 2018 News & Features

Here’s an update in case you thought we weren’t serious about this: Estonia is creating a tailor-made visa for digital

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GDPR, Jobbatical & You

by Gonzalo May 06, 2018 News & Features

This article aims to answer any questions you might have about the General Data Protection Regulation, and explain what happens

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Jobbatical shortlisted at the Relocation Magazine Awards

by Dea Martinjonis May 03, 2018 News & Features

Jobbatical is shortlisted in the Relocate Awards as Best Technological Innovation — Corporate Support. The winners will be announced during the Gala

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Got a Few Minutes to Make the World More Open?

by Jobbatical March 20, 2018 News & Features

Jobbatical is conducting a global mobility survey to learn how people think about relocating for their careers. Can you spare

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Estonia, the little 100-year-old country shaping the future of how

by Dea Martinjonis February 22, 2018 News & Features

Estonia, the smallest of the three Baltic states, celebrates its 100th Anniversary on February 24, 2018. Since the country of 1.3m

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You Can Help Create The World’s First (Real) Digital Nomad Visa

by Jobbatical February 09, 2018 News & Features

No visa runs, no legal gray area—a legit visa tailor-made for digital nomads. The future of the mobile workforce is now,

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What’s happening for Jobbatical in 2018

by Jobbatical January 17, 2018 News & Features

The story of Jobbatical in 2017, and what to envision in 2018 and beyond The global workforce is constantly evolving, and

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Borderless Backers

by Karoli Hindriks September 30, 2017 News & Features

I am happy to announce that we’ve closed our series A funding round, led by Japan-based Mistletoe Inc, along with

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No Matter What Happens With DACA, We Find The Startups That Accept Dreamers

by Karoli Hindriks September 14, 2017 News & Features

My moment with astronaut Dan Barry after listening how he applied to NASA fourteen times (!) before he was accepted.

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The Man Who Won a Half Marathon…in His Socks

by Dea Martinjonis May 22, 2017 News & Features

Only a decade ago Ibrahim Mukunga Wachira worked in a tea plantation along with his family in Kenya. Fast forward

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5 things making our world better this week: puppies, mostly

by Jobbatical March 24, 2017 News & Features

Happy Friday, internet explorers! It’s been… Well, it’s been quite a week. Here’s Jobbatical’s weekly roundup of things we need

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Why We Need To Distribute Knowledge (and a picture of a real brain)

by Jobbatical March 23, 2017 News & Features

Sitting on a plane above the clouds of Germany, I would like to take a moment recap the CeBIT conference

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5 things making our world better this week: Why is the cake always a lie?

by Jobbatical March 17, 2017 News & Features

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, fellow nerds, and welcome to Jobbatical’s weekly roundup of things you absolutely need to know! Plus

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The Wait is Over — Jobbatical

by Jobbatical February 23, 2017 News & Features

The Wait is Over — Jobbatical & ATS New product innovation at! Now more than ever, breaking down borders is the

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Be our next CTO in Tallinn!

by Jobbatical August 23, 2016 News & Features

Join us in Estonia for an exciting startup ride Tallinn looking pretty in wintertime. (dimbar76/Shutterstock) CTO? More like CT — OMG! Because that’s

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My First “Jobbatical”

by Jobbatical January 28, 2015 News & Features

(Or The 3 Ws of Changing Careers) If you look for career advice, you will find many books and articles that

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