CEO of Jobbatical on Malaysia’s No. 1 news channel

by Dea Martinjonis January 11, 2019
Malaysia, Astro AWANI, TV, Jobbatical CEO

Jobbatical’s CEO & co-founder Karoli Hindriks was a guest at Malaysia’s No. 1 24-hour news channel Astro AWANI, talking about talent mobility, nation-states, and the identities we carry with us.

It was the second time Karoli has been invited to speak with the popular Malay TV-host Kamarul Bahrin Haro who calls her his first Estonian friend and the “female Mark Zuckerberg of Estonia”. In fact, the host repeatedly expressed his amazement with both Estonia’s rapid rise to a successful digital nation after a 50-year occupation and Jobbatical as a company that to him “exemplifies a lot of what Estonia did right”.


He even quoted the company’s slogan and core mission on air: “Work Where You’re Happy! Use Jobbatical to find a tech, business or creative job anywhere in the world. Because your skills matter more than your passport.”

“This is very true – people are moving more and are more connected globally than ever before. The big question countries should ask themselves today is – how do we tap into that,” Jobbatical’s CEO replied.

CEO, TV, Malaysia, Astro Awani

Karoli pointed out that this is where the next innovation should come – for example, how to collect taxes and receive a pension if a person has lived in 10-15 different countries? If countries are not moving fast enough, the problems will be solved by private companies, the Jobbatical CEO believes.

“Where “brains” will move to is what will make or break economies,” concluded Karoli.  

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