Digi-X — bridging the gap between people’s needs and technology

by Dea Martinjonis May 02, 2017

Digi-X — bridging the gap between people’s needs and technology

Based in warm and sunny Kuala Lumpur you’ll find Digi-X — a venture builder whose goal is to create new products and businesses that have the potential to impact people’s digital lives. As for their employees — they just want to light the spark in everyone. Aaww.

Malaysia is the home of diversity where the main three cultures living together are Malaysians, Indians and the Chinese. Photo by dboystudio/Shutterstock.

Digi-X.my is the innovation arm of the largest telco in Asia — Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd. The company’s birth came about when a group of people decided to venture out to the innovation department to become a venture builder. To start building digital solutions that are relevant to the Malaysian market while bringing in new revenue streams to their “mothership”.

“The main reason why we came up with Digi-X was to build new products outside of the telco realm,” says Andrea Ong, the CXO Apprentice at Digi-X. “And since we’re a business that’s open to explore different types of digital businesses — we adopt the startup mindset.”

Andrea says they’ve distributed their product building between four brands — in addition to Digi-X there’s iJual — the all-in-one sales system; then there’s the fleet tracking system called iFleet and finally, AppSifu — the DIY mobile app builder which allows you to create code-free apps for Android and iOS using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

This variety of products enriches also the company culture. “We all work together in the same office which means we do a lot of cross-sharing and we talk about each other’s projects,” Andrea says. The next milestone in that field is to attract more international talent — for them to bring their different perspectives to the mix.

“We are hoping to find people that are open, who are better creatives, open to contribute and think outside the box,” Andrea describes. “People who want to contribute to creating products that would disrupt every single industry.”

Kuala Lumpur skyline. Photo by Patrick Foto/Shutterstock.

One of the core values of Digi-X is agility. “A day in the life of our company is very agile, so the people we want to join us, have to have the ability to cope with change in a good way,” Andrea stresses. “Our values are not like passing stories, they really reflect the way we do things around here — there is no discrimination — age, race or gender and we all work like a family.”

What’s your next?

Digi-X inherited a cool employer-to-employee programme called “What’s your next?” from their parent company, Digi Telecommunications.

“This initiative aims to inspire our employees to find different things to pursue that in the near future would benefit them. We really encourage online learning, so if they want to pick up a new skill — we’re happy to provide resources to make it a reality through online courses such as Lynda, Udacity and Coursera. We really want to light a spark in every single one of our employees,” Andrea Ong says.

Society where diversity is already built in

Digi-X’s home is in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. A city that enjoys a warm and sunny climate throughout the year. Besides that — the Malaysian society has diversity already built in because the country’s three main cultures are Malaysian, Chinese and Indian.

Malaysia has the most amazing beaches, like this one in Penang. Photo by Kjetil Kolbjornsrud/Shutterstock.

Kuala Lumpur is also a great destination because they’re a booming economy and the government gives a lot of attention and incentives to the start ups, making it an attractive destination for international talent.

Andrea points out that working at Digi-X gives the perfect opportunity to learn how to grow a brand from the ground up.

“The culture we have in Digi-X is very, very unique,” Andrea says. “If I were to compare Western work cultures with the ones in Asia — I think us, Asians, function more like a community, teamwork is important and we will try our best to help each other out.”

And last, but not least — the dynamics of Digi-X as a company is that it is a flat structure. “Instead we value performance and deliverables and the ability to work together; with one another. We don’t just come to work to do work,” Andrea discloses.

Digi-X, AppSifu, iJual and iFleet are all hiring in Malaysia, find your dream jobbatical now:


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