Full Stack Developer Job Description & Responsibilities

by Gonzalo October 02, 2018
Full Stack Developer Job Description

This Full-Stack Developer job description template is crafted to help you attract the most qualified candidates for your company. Make sure to customize it to your job opening by including requirements, benefits, and perks specific to the role and your company.

As a Full-Stack Developer, you’ll be working in all aspects of the product, from its core infrastructure and back-end, to its custom front-end. 

Commonly, Senior Full-Stack Developers will understand several how to work with several languages and databases, which makes them a flexible resource for any organization.

In addition to that, Engineers often be play a key task in all data projects and work alongside experienced Data Scientists and Data Analysts on data collection, statistical analysis, pattern recognition and communication.

What are the Full-Stack Developer Responsibilities?

As a Full-Stack Developer in a company, you’ll be responsible for participating in product development, from ideation to deployment and beyond. You’ll work  groundbreaking product features, issues and improvements that are critical to the success of Success Inc. customers and the broader community.

In addition to that, you’ll work with our data team to make our product smarter and more intuitive to use, and you’ll need to work with the broader company to maintain and help optimize existing systems.

Full-Stack Developer Job Description Template

We’re looking for an inquisitive, innovative Full-Stack Developer to join the product team at Success Inc.

You’ll be responsible participating in our product development from ideation to deployment and beyond, and then working as part of a team to execute new features or products.

The ideal person for this role is a problem-solver with an inquisitive and innovative mind, and loves to collaborate with other teams to drive the company forward.

Full-Stack Developer Requirements

  • You have at least 2 years of hands-on experience creating public, complex systems using multiple languages.
  • You are proficient in PostgreSQL, React.js, Node.js (or similar frameworks like Django or Ruby on Rails).
  • You know your way around HTML and CSS.
  • Experienced in developing responsive, interactive websites.
  • You feel at home working in a test-driven, agile team.
  • You know your limits and how to work on a deadline.
  • You are a problem-solver with an inquisitive and innovative mind.
  • Experience in AWS.
  • Ability to take on the new challenges ahead together with the growing business.
  • BS in Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Information Management or Statistics is a plus.

Full-Stack Developer Responsibilities

  • Participate in our product development from ideation to deployment and beyond.
  • Create groundbreaking new features for our users and customers, and for internal use.
  • Work with our data team to make our product smarter and more intuitive to use.
  • Maintain and help optimize existing systems.
  • Represent the company and product and conferences.

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