Get Inspired: Hackers Paradise edition

by Jobbatical February 26, 2018

We recently hooked up with a rad group of traveling techies who instantly inspired us — Hacker Paradise. The team accommodates remote workers who travel the world together while working on their own individual projects.

One can understand why this group is called the Hacker Paradise.

Sounds amazing, right? So how do the Hackers really get down, travel the world, work and meet epic people? In their facilitator Renata’s words, “planning your travels and making new friends on the road might be a lot of work when you’re doing it by yourself and having to focus on your work and career. As remote workers, we are traveling but not on holidays. Hacker Paradise takes care of all the boring logistics so that you can focus on having the most productive (and fun) travel experience possible.”

The vibrant group took over our Instagram account and shared their daily activities to show us their creative workspaces and social events. Check it all out yourself:

“There’s something special when you meet people who share a similar life philosophy. Within this group, we all want to achieve our own version of professional success, without the cost of trading our best years to an unfulfilling career. It’s slightly different to workplace culture, because Hacker Paradise promotes personal well-being and travel at the same time,” says Liz the @RunawayStrategist, who’s currently traveling with the group in South America.

Want to join them? All you need is a remote job or personal project. You will be expected to have something to work on every day.

You can follow Hacker Paradise on Instagram @hackerparadise and check out their upcoming travel plans on their website.

Let us know in the comments, what country or part of the world would you like to remotely work in?

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