Got a Few Minutes to Make the World More Open?

by Jobbatical March 20, 2018

Jobbatical is conducting a global mobility survey to learn how people think about relocating for their careers. Can you spare ten minutes to build the future of work?

The Jobbatical community made our last survey a resounding success and the wheels of government are well and truly in motion to make the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa a reality by 2019.

But we’re not going to sit around and wait—we’ve got a new survey up our sleeve already!

This time it’s all about finding out how tech talent thinks about relocating for work: where and why do people want to move for their careers?

Whether you’re a developer, a founder, or another type of professional in the digital space, take the survey and help us understand the factors that affect the global mobility of tech talent!

The time and effort you spend on this will go towards understanding the global job market and ultimately creating better conditions for tech talent to relocate to their dream jobs.

Your input means the world to us—a better world. So please share the survey with your friends who love surveys and believe in making the global job market work more smoothly.

Click here or on the big green button to begin!

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