5 Hilarious Twitter Accounts to Brighten Up Your Feed (and Your Life)

by Maria May 05, 2017

Happy Friday, gang! Jobbatical’s weekly roundup is here and it’s sillier than ever. Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough noise in your Twitter feed? Kindly direct your attention to these amazing novelty accounts.

Having a bad day? You’ve GOAT to be kidding me! (Image via Shutterstock)

1. @NetflixSoundFX

Wish your life were a bit more like a movie? Add a touch of drama to your Twitter feed with Netflix SoundFX.

(excited cheering)

2. @BoredElonMusk

Bored Elon Musk shows us the true meaning of disruptive ideas. Get inspired by inventions like “Alarm that also starts a timer for how long you’re allowed to f*** around on your phone after waking up” (I need this NOW) and “Emergency inflatable conference room” (team Jobbatical needs this YESTERDAY).

3. @big_ben_clock

A pillar of the Twitter community since 2009, Big Ben lets you know what time it is by going BONG. That is literally it. And it’s amazing.

4. @EverythingGoats

When in doubt—goats. Need tiny goats in tiny overalls? This account’s got ‘em! Looking for pictures of goats being inspirational/sassy/adorable? This account delivers. Who knew looking at goats could be so uplifting? (Well, I knew. But now you do too.)

5. @colorschemez

Join this restless bot on its quest to find colours that go well together. (Spoiler: some of these colours don’t go well together at all, but you can tell it’s trying really hard.)

Jobbatical tweets about travel and work (and hardly any goats at all), but follow us anyway! Feel free to 💙 this story to spread the love (but mostly the goats). If you know of other hilarious Twitter accounts worthy of the spotlight, leave your recommendations in the comments or tweet them to @mcdaleena!

(delighted squealing)

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