How to recruit the best candidates through pre-employment screening

by Jobbatical April 11, 2017

Knockout questions are a win-win for recruiters and applicants.

Employers who use pre-employment screening to select candidates as a part of their hiring process gain a number of important benefits. The quality of the applicants improves as well as the outcome of the hiring and sourcing process. In the end this means a better job fit as well as happier employees and lower employee turnover.

Jobbatical just made it simpler than ever to find and recruit the best candidates worldwide. With a new product update in response to employers’ needs — now custom recruitment questions will firmly differentiate those applicants who have the skills employers are seeking. Clients have been asking us to only allow the best candidates for the job to apply. By adding key questions for candidates to answer before they apply, only the qualified applicant will make it into the employer dashboard.

Only the qualified applicants who have the skills necessary will be able to apply

We added this feature to save time for both recruiters and applicants. We know employers come to Jobbatical to find top quality candidates who will have the right skills for the job so we strive to continually improve our product to make sourcing and recruiting easier. Employers asked for it. We answered.

Our most recent product update, premoderation, makes sure only the most relevant applicants are highlighted on the employer’s dashboard through a selection made by our talent management team. Our talent sourcing team is improving this system with the long-term innovation of an AI learning algorithm that will eventually perfect the system without the need for manual sourcing of our talent database.

Knockout questions are a win-win for applicants and recruiters

Save time and refine the talent search for easy candidate sourcing

Adding the custom questions will allow employers to further refine their candidate search and filter only the best candidates into their employer dashboard. Employers can select three types of questions to filter out candidates who don’t have the skills needed for the job; Knockout questions — a question that requires the applicant to state with a checkbox that they possess a certain quality required to apply for the position, Custom test question — a simple question that can be answered as a paragraph of text, or a Custom YES/NO question — a simple question that can be answered with either yes or no. Only those candidates who answer the question satisfactorily will be allowed to apply.

Jobbatical works to provide the best experience for the candidate and the employer. We know neither the employer nor the candidate want to waste their time. But many job requisitions list so many qualifications it’s often difficult to determine the employer’s bottom line. Now there won’t be any confusion. With just a few simple questions, the employer and candidate can decide whether they might be a match.

Jobbatical was designed to build the best matches between employer and talent. Anywhere. We believe in building bridges and creating a borderless world where your passport doesn’t determine your job opportunities. Employers advertise job openings to an international audience of skilled business, technical and creative talent and get the best person for the job, not just the closest. At Jobbatical we’ll continue to build product improvements as we build beautiful matches one job at a time.

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