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by Jobbatical July 08, 2015

Welcome to Jobbatical!

Congratulations! You just took an important step to finding the career enhancing adventure of your dreams. Here at Jobbatical we match talented individuals seeking opportunities across the globe, with the businesses that need their help. With Jobbatical as your matchmaker, you could soon be moving your sales skills to a beach in the Philippines, growing a business down under, or developing apps in Rome, to name just a few options.

We really want you to be successful. That’s why we’re launching this series of blog posts offering guidance on showing your best self to the inspiring companies seeking talented people just like you.

Excited? We are.

(Oh, and if you only read one step, read step seven. Trust us, you don’t want to forget this one, though many people do.)

Step 1. Get Your Profile Started

We highly recommend creating a profile even if you haven’t yet decided on a jobbatical to apply for. The more you share about your skills and dreams, the more promising matches we can send your way. Your perfect profile starts with a few general questions. Choose a profile picture that will make a good first impression and add in some quick details such as your current location and date of birth. We ask you to tell us a little about the roles or places you might be interested in traveling to. That is just for us, and helps us make sure that we find the best possible opportunities for you.

Step 2. Say Hello!

The next profile section is an introduction. This is the first thing a recruiting employer will see when your application lands. Make it attention-grabbing. Show your personality, perhaps a little about what you are looking for and what you bring to the party. This is not a cover letter for a specific jobbatical (that comes later!), but an general intro to who you are. Through the magic of modern technology you can even add a video to show your sparkle. We’ve found that a video introduction really impresses employers. Knock that recruiter dead and they won’t want to stop reading!

Step 3. Add in Your Work Experience

Here comes the meaty bit. Complete your work experience details so your dream employer can see how you match the requirements of the role. Be thorough, make your achievements really shout out, and showcase what you have achieved in your career so far.

Step 4. Complete Your Education Details

Tell your prospective new boss a bit about your education and academic background. Tell a compelling story so that the reader wants to drop everything and call you. Remember that employers from another country may not be familiar with your country’s education system, so make sure to spell out any acronyms and clarify any foreign words. Save your work as you go along, and your profile will refresh on the screen. Nearly there — then you can start looking for your next adventure!

Step 5. Show us Your Skills

The final chunk of your profile is about your skills. Perhaps these are specific competencies that you have developed over your career, or the core skills required in your job. Don’t be shy. We love a long list, so get thinking and show the reader what you’re made of. Put the most relevant skills at the top of the list, because if employers do not immediately see that you have relevant skills they may write you off as not taking the application seriously. There are likely quite a few other qualified candidates hoping to go on the same adventure!

Step Six. Find Your Perfect Jobbatical

How much fun is this? When the jobs are exciting and the locations are exotic, selecting your perfect Jobbatical is hardly a chore. Search for a certain country or job type or browse through them all. When you’ve settled on one, click ‘Apply’.

Step Seven. Write Your Cover Letter

We cannot emphasize enough how important your cover letter is! You may feel that your profile is so awesome that it speaks for yourself, but your application may be completely ignored without a cover letter. Countless employers who have used Jobbatical have told us that they immediately discard any candidates who seem to have merely sent the exact same application to multiple companies, with no personalization. Don’t make it generic — tell them what attracts you to their role specifically, and why you are a perfect match. Make the reader want to hug you after reading. Give them your USP, show them some of your personality, and let them know much you would love to join their team specifically, not just any team who will give you a job!

“Your application may be completely ignored without a cover letter.”

Step 8. Tweak Your Profile if Needed

Before hitting ‘Submit’, you can make any final changes to your profile if you need to. You will see your application just as the recruiter will, and can add highlights or change wording in any way you wish to make sure you have the perfect application.

The great news is that setting up your perfect profile and getting started with your applications is easy. It doesn’t take long — a small investment of your time for a great return. Make your investment really pay dividends by making each section really top notch. Good luck!

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