Java Developer Salary by Countries 2017 (Infographic)

by Jobbatical January 23, 2018

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With the number of Java developer jobs forever on the rise, it’s easier than ever to find your dream role in the fast-growing information tech industry. However, with many jobs come many decisions, and many decisions mean many pitfalls. Yes, it’s exciting times for Java programmers, but with such a liquid industry, salaries can sky-rocket one day, then plummet the next. A language that’s in vogue now might be consigned to dusty digital shelves in a year.

If you invest time and energy in learning Java, it’s important to know it’s going to be worth it. Though Java engineering is a skilled job, some countries’ national average wage is actually higher than the Java average—a disheartening thought if you just spent 3 years of your life with your nose buried in programming books.

The Java Salaries Around the World Infographic will provide all the information you need to make the right decision for your career. You’ll learn how much Java developers get paid, how much other software developers get paid and, finally, you’ll get a glimpse of the national average wage of each country.

If you’re looking to get into Java or software development, this infographic is for you.

How much does a Java developer salary pay?

It’s a question that everybody from graduates to established businesses needs to know if they are going to make the right decision when it comes Java jobs.

But there is so much data, so much information that can skew that decision-making process.

Fortunately, we’ve gone out and done the research for you.

In the infographic below, we will explore how much Java pays in different countries around the world. So whether you live in India or the USA, you’ll know if learning Java is going to give you that big pay day you deserve.

Data Collection

The data this infographic uses was collected from a number of reliable sources from around the web.

Here is a brief list of the websites we used:

An Overview of The Charts

The Biggest Software Engineer Salaries

Dominated by the Western world and Japan, here are the top 5 largest software developer salaries in the world.

  1. United States — $81,000
  2. Denmark — $69,000
  3. Sweden — $58,000
  4. Germany — $53,000
  5. Japan — $51,000

The Smallest Software Engineer Salary

The smallest salaries for a software engineer are dominated by countries near the equator.

Additionally, these countries, because of these low wages, are ideal to hire freelancers from. And Tests4Geeks’ coding tests would be ideal to help get the most from programmers from these countries.

  1. India — $6,000
  2. Indonesia — $7,000
  3. Pakistan — $12,000
  4. Malaysia — $13,000
  5. Mexico — $14,500

Biggest Gap Between Average Country Salary and Software Developer Salary in Percent

The gap between the average wage of a nation and the software developer average wage in percent will indicate which countries offer the biggest benefit for programmers.

For example, in Denmark, the software developer wage is only 8% higher than the national average. Conversely, even though India’s software developer wage is comparably low, it’s a massive 900% above the national average. This means that $6,000 in India would go a lot further than the $64,000 in denmark.

The biggest percentage gaps are:

  1. Malaysia — 1,200%
  2. India — 900%
  3. Pakistan — 710%
  4. Indonesia — 600%
  5. Brazil — 132%

Biggests Gap Between Java Programmer Salary and Average Software Developer Salary in Percent

Java and software development go hand in hand in most countries. However, there are the countries where learning Java will bring bigger gains over a base software developer salary than normal. This data takes into account everything from the senior to the junior Java developer salary.

  1. Indonesia — 86%
  2. Denmark — 25%
  3. Canada — 22%
  4. UK — 16%
  5. Malaysia — 16%

The Conclusion

How much does a Java developer earn? If you want to earn a lot of money, learning a programming language, any programming language, can open the doors to copious financial gain.

And that goes for Java as well. Yes, some countries pay a little less here and a little more there, but the takeaway theme is:

If you’re a Java developer, you’re going to earn a lot of money. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Now it is up to you to choose the job of your dreams, why don’t you browse through the job openings we have on Jobbatical where your Java skills can be put to use:

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