What’s happening for Jobbatical in 2018

by Jobbatical January 17, 2018

The story of Jobbatical in 2017, and what to envision in 2018 and beyond

The global workforce is constantly evolving, and companies built to enhance the way we work must keep up. For Jobbatical, that means observing how international talent and hiring managers work, and optimizing our processes to suit theirs.

Here’s an overview of the improvements we made in 2017, and what you can look forward to in 2018 as both job- and talent-seekers.

Jobbatical Talent

What happened in 2017?

In addition to UX improvements, performance enhancements (ie. making our site run faster), and bug fixes, we pulled quite a few tricks out our of our sleeves in 2017.

We overhauled the search and recommendation algorithms to make sure suggestions match your profile.

Why: So we can send you matches that you’ll love (and hopefully apply to).

We redesigned the signup and application experience to make it more intuitive and easy to navigate.

Why: The easier it is for you to sign up and apply to jobs, the sooner you can jet off to your exciting new opportunities.

We added cost of living and other important relocation statistics for different cities, in partnership with Teleport.

Why: So you can fly into a new city prepared and armed with everything you need to know.

We redesigned the Jobbatical CV editor so it’s easier to made adjustments.

Why: Because we care about your time and don’t want our talent getting frustrated here.

Talent can choose to either apply with an uploaded CV or a CV created in Jobbatical.

Why: So you can choose whichever option represents you better.

You can explore jobs in different categories; Job type, City, Country, and Company pages.

Why: So you can find the job you really want, in the city you want, at a company you’re ready to love.

We’ll send a reminder if you start to apply for a job, but don’t complete your application.

Why: So you can get those offers lined up!

What will happen in 2018?

We match companies with talent to revolutionize the way people work and relate. We’re committed to changing lives and in 2018 we want to change more lives than ever before.

We’ll help you better understand destinations and their immigration processes.

Why: Knowledge beats fear. The more you more about a city and country, the more confidently (and fearlessly) you can make themove to your dream job.

We’re going to provide machine learning insights for CVs and job applications, so you know where to focus.

Why: Understand what your CV says about you, including which jobs are just begging you to apply.

We’re launching upgrades to our search functionality, so you’ll be able to narrow down opportunities to exactly what you want.

Why: Job type, company, and city aren’t enough. We’ll make it easy for you to find exactly the opportunity you’re looking for with new search features.

Jobbatical Hiring

What happened in 2017?

We’re sharing our roadmap of improvements as a compass for how the world of work is constantly getting better.

We improved your applicant management dashboard to provide a better overview of applicants in different stages.

Why: So you can keep track of your pipeline.

You can now move applications through different hiring stages one-by-one or in bulk.

Why: To help you keep people organized, for your records as well as your entire hiring team.

It’s now easier to communicate reasons for rejection to applications, to ensure every interaction has closure.

Why: So you don’t leave any applicant hanging, and earn your company a reputation of respect.

We now process every application to ensure only relevant ones land in your dashboard.

Why: Because we value your time and want you to only spend it on relevant applicants.

Get your most important questions answered during the application process, before you jump into an interview, with knockout questions.

Why: To better qualify your candidates and ensure they’re a great match.

Choose whether to make a cover letter or custom questions optional or required.

Why: Because we want to give you options, and you probably want to give them to your candidates as well.

Add videos to introduce your company or individual job role to potential applicants.

Why: To showcase your personality and style, as well as to get people excited about your job.

It’s now easier to request new listings, as well as edits to active listings.

Why: To ensure accuracy as simply as possible.

Download one or all of your applicants’ CVs as a PDF.

Why: For easy record keeping.

Manage users within your company, so your entire hiring team can come onboard and make vital decisions.

Why: To keep everyone in the loop for more informed, better decisions.

We removed the little-used rating system and introduced a starring feature, wherein you can highlight exceptional candidates and filter others out.

Why: So you can keep track of your best candidates, without spending time and brainpower trying to assign them a number value.

What will happen in 2018?

Here are our product resolutions, designed to better match employers with the best business, tech, and creative professionals. This is our commitment to the workforce of 2018.

We’ll expand our integrations library to support more ATS systems, such as Lever and Jobvite. Currently, we integrate with Greenhouse and Workable.

Why: We want to ensure no great candidate slips through the cracks by seamlessly intertwining all the hiring and talent management tools you have in your belt.

We’ll adjust our matchmaking process so you get more, and more accurate, applications.

Why: Volume and accuracy gives you the best chance of finding that A+ employee who is ready to take your brand (and your city) by storm.

We’re launching a fresh user interface for clients that will help you streamline job and application management. It’s designed to improve your workflow after ATS integrations, and provide useful analytics.

Why: When you already have a number of candidates to remember, names and resumes can get mixed up. Our new interface will help you track exactly who is in what stage of the hiring process, and what the entire team thinks of them.

What else?

Want to see anything added to this list? Please send us your recommendations!

What do you have planned for 2018? Share your goals with us in the comments.

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