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by Jobbatical February 19, 2016

We’re collecting tales from Brazil to Barcelona, and beyond!

A compilation of stories collected from around the globe, chronicling the adventures of real-life jobbaticlers on their journeys abroad.

A software developer in Tallinn

A Custom Course and Partnership Manager in Costa Rica

A marketer in Malaga

A full-stack developer in Dublin

A digital marketer in Da Nang

An online marketing specialist in Malaga

A computer vision engineer in Tallinn

A BizDev intern in Hong Kong

A software developer in Singapore

An E-commerce manager in Bali

A prime minister of growth in Penang

A growth hacker in Barcelona

A community evangelist in Penang

A growth hacker in Tallinn

A UX designer in Hong Kong

A back-end engineer in Milan

A marketing director in Kuala Lumpur

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