Jobbatical version 2.0

by Jobbatical February 04, 2015

Today we launched a major update of the Jobbatical platform with a total rewrite of the backend and a series of UX tweaks for both employers and jobseekers. As a result we have laid a foundation for a range of improvements that we will be rolling out gradually. All to help you make 2015 the year to see the world and get life changing experiences. Here’s our pick of notable changes:

For those who are seeking life changing experiences

Fill your profile with LinkedIn — The most popular request on our support line. Head over to your profile editor and let us know what your skills are. No need to go through the same trouble twice.

Your dream Jobbatical — Give us some keywords that describe your dream getaway and you’ll be first to know when that perfect opportunity appears.

Speed and reliability — We are making sure there are no technical interruptions when you are exploring the listings, creating job listings or writing cover letters.

For employers

Invite your teammates to co-manage the company profile — Screening that suspiciously great candidate is not a one-man-job. Invite your team to join the conversation in edit company info.

Company logo — Show off your awesome company logo next time you edit your company profile.

Applicant score — Rate your applicants based on Experience, Qualifications & skills and the X-Factor your team is looking. Include your team to share their ratings to get an average score.

And much much more and even more on the way…

Big thanks to all of our users for helping us build Jobbatical. We appreciate each and every bug report or idea we receive at [email protected]. Feel free to connect with us on our social pages below for more frequent updates.

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