Karoli Hindriks’ TEDx Talk: there’s a world-changing revolution that every one of us can start.

by Jobbatical March 23, 2018

Karoli was born in Estonia — a country where people literally sang their way to freedom from the Soviet occupation. A mere 27 years later, Estonia is one of the most advanced digital societies in the world.

Karoli at Jobbatical’s HQ in Tallinn, Estonia. Photo by: Andres Teiss.

Encouraged by her father, Karoli stepped beyond her comfort zone and started her first business at 16. Aside from building companies, there was one more thing her parents couldn’t dream of doing behind the Iron Curtain — travel.

Karoli herself has now traveled to more than 40 countries and lived shorter or longer stints in several of them. Travel makes the world smaller, migration and relocation much easier. In fact, one in seven people in the world today is a migrant.

But why does this happen? The world has become more fluid. And one important structure in a human life — friendship — has done so, too. Once tied to our geographical locations, friendships have become global, based on shared interests and values. No wonder so many smart people have flocked to Silicon Valley to make world-changing products and services. This was the inspiration for Karoli’s current company, Jobbatical.

“It was in Silicon Valley where I asked myself: why are changes happening here? Why aren’t Google and other gigantic powerhouses emerging from anywhere else on the planet? The answer, I realized, was knowledgeable people who are drawn to this location,” Karoli says in her TEDx Talk.

Karoli decided to recreate new Silicon Valleys elsewhere, by connecting companies lacking exceptional talent with talent looking for extraordinary challenges in far-flung cities of the world.

The only thing still standing in the way of a perfect, fluid world? Borders. Through Jobbatical, Karoli now wants to ignite a revolution to take down personal borders, because these are the barriers which prevent us from realizing our dreams.

“We are in control of the peaceful revolution in our life,” Karoli insists, and ends her talk with a call to action: sit down for a coffee with someone you don’t know. Who knows, this could be your revolution and incidentally the beginning of the most powerful policy change towards a collaborative and richer world.

Check out Karoli’s TEDx Talk here:

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