Meet Lindsay & Vicente: Digital Nomads Defining the Future of Work

by Jobbatical November 24, 2016

From Chile to New York, these mobile professionals are embracing a new way of working.

Team-building session at Grotta della Poesia, Italy / Surfing at Echo Beach, Bali

Back in May, we interviewed SWITCH.CM’s business developer, Vicente Gracia, in Bali. Since then, he has moved on from Bali to work in London and Italy. In this post, he shares his insights on how working on the road has helped his clients as well as his personal journey.

Lindsay Rodabaugh joined SWITCH.CM in Bali after reading Vicente’s interview, and recently left New York to become a full-time digital nomad. The second part of the post is about her journey.

Vicente Gracia — Sales and Business Developer

Playing some beach football on the Puglia coast in southern Italy.

In the first few months with SWITCH.CM, I’ve had some really cool assignments. After spending my initial months in Bali, Switch asked me to help out with their London office, and a few months later, we were also doing a CRM sprint in Italy.

The startup builds reservations platforms for hotels, and one of the things I enjoyed was that the teams are cross-functional. The software engineers would spend time in the hotel reception so they can see how their product APIs are working and then go back to tweak them, and even the non-technical staff like me are learning how to code and build integrations with our platforms.

Office view @ Travel Tech Lab — London & Partners Cowork / CRM training at Zemove Cowork — Lecce, Italy

New generations of workers want to work differently, and plan their lives accordingly. The current generation differs from their parents’ generation. They have other values. The concept of success has been reconsidered by Millennials. It is all about investing in experiences: travel, extreme sports, startups, etc.

New generations of workers want to work differently, and plan their lives accordingly.

Talent today prioritize flexible schedules and financial and geographical independence. Technology is making this possible as never before. We are living in an age where our connected devices enable us to be truly mobile. We can work anywhere, anytime and we can do this as productively as we can while sitting in the office. Many of us want to live the “Aloha Spirit” life around the world and it is happening.

Puglia, Italy / Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Bali

At SWITCH.CM, we are embracing this culture. Using technology tools as the core of the organization, we are hiring remote workers who can make a living by traveling. Having offices strategically located in Europe (London), America (NYC), and Asia (Bali) makes it easy to connect with mobile workers on the road.

Working on the road can be a very fun ride. It helps that the majority of the management team are digital nomads themselves and blend a corporate culture of hacking with independent responsibility. We are creating a scalable business on the cloud. With only a few sales reps working as digital nomads, we are boarding one hotel per day and providing solutions for thousands of hostels, hotels and guesthouses all over the globe.

Inspired by our startup culture, new digital nomads are joining our journey. Bruna, originally from Brazil but based in the Netherlands now, joined our sales and business development team in June. Lindsay, from the U.S., is our new hire in Bali. She’s a creative thinker and designer who has recently swapped the NYC skyscrapers for scenic beaches. You can read her story below.

Lindsay Rodabaugh — Designer

First go at the motorbike!

After I got back to NYC after spending many months traveling and living in different communities, I landed a new corporate job and suddenly was right back in the cubicle NYC grind. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there must be a more fulfilling way to spend 40+ hours a week. So, with the digital nomad movement on my mind, I thought, why not me? If they can do it, I can do it! And so began my search for an opportunity where I could put my skills to use while being on one life-long adventure.

After researching Switch, I found Vicente’s interview on Jobbatical. Reading about his daily routine and quality of life, I wasted no time in getting in touch with him (and asking for a surf lesson while I was at it). He gave me an overview of what his last few months at Switch had been like and it sounded exactly like what I was looking for. Digital nomad, here I come!

I thought, why not me? If they can do it, I can do it!

The first week was quite the whirlwind. Luckily I had been to Bali and other areas of Southeast Asia before, so I at least knew what to expect when I arrived at the airport. I spent the first few days getting the basics down, like driving a motorbike, which was my ultimate challenge that I knew I would have to overcome. I can hardly drive (a car) in the United States, let alone a scooter through the congested streets of Indonesia. But after a lot of practice riding around the same ½ mile circle, I can proudly say, I am now an intermediate level scooter rider. Success!

Since I had never been to Canggu, I spent most of my first week scoping out the area — finding local markets, warungs, getting some surfing lessons, and taking a basic Bahasa language class at a local coworking space. I was also able to get out and about to a few neighboring areas to do some sightseeing (I couldn’t wait to pet all the monkey’s in Ubud’s monkey forest) before the work week started.

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