Monday Morning at Kuala Lumpur’s Most Delicious Startup

by Jobbatical January 02, 2016

A great view to wake up to.

This story is part of our Monday Morning series— startups around the world offering glimpses of what life would look like if you worked in their city.

Meet Jess, Jon & Chris

Jess, Jon & Chris live in Kuala Lumpur and are the founders of Dah Makan, a healthy food delivery company that offers a different menu every week with a daily choice of two delicious dishes. To make eating healthy more convenient, you can pre-order for the week via the website, or order on demand via the app. Also, they’re hiring — join them for a career adventure in KL!

Starting the Day

Our Mondays at Dah Makan usually begin in the early morning. Waking up early is great, because once you look out the window, you get an amazing view of the city skyline.

Our Executive Chef Shamsul, former chef of 5 Star hotels such as the Hilton and the Sheraton, and his kitchen crew start their daily prep work from as early as 6:30 am in our fully licensed and commercial kitchen.

Executive chef Shamsul, former chef of 5 star hotels

Being in a Muslim country, all of the meats are sourced from halal-certified suppliers and our kitchen and equipment are, of course, both alcohol and pork free. When all the prep work is done, and the food is cooked and ready to go, the packaging team wraps it up in our special Dah Makan color coordinated boxes. Dah Makan also offers a range of fresh and delicious juices and all natural sodas. The juice is squeezed fresh every morning and bottled by the kitchen staff.

Lunch is provided for the whole team everyday!

Backstage, our operations team works hard all morning to compile orders, prepare delivery information and oversee the whole delivery process from when the food leaves our kitchen to the second it reaches our customers’ hands. To make the delivery experience more efficient, an algorithm has been devised to cut cost and save time so that all our customers can receive their food right on time and while it’s still hot.

Freshly squeezed juice being bottled while some healthy and delicious fish tacos are plated.

Once the packaging is completed and the cutlery attached, it is time for the food to be delivered. Each rider is given a customer list and Dah Makan lunch boxes to be delivered to their respective addresses.

Dah Makan lunchboxes

Once all the hustle and bustle of the morning shift ends, the whole team sits down to enjoy the lunch prepared for the day. The team catches up with each other or bounces off new ideas off one another. It is a great way to recharge before the dinner shift begins!

The whole team enjoying a lunch together! (Everyone needs a cheat day every once in awhile!)

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