Monday Morning in Amsterdam

by Jobbatical September 28, 2015

Peek into the Dutch headquarters of an international travel startup.

Every week, join Jobbatical as we explore Monday morning in a different city that could be your home for a year on a jobbatical career adventure.

James and Marit live in Amsterdam and work at TravelBird, an online travel platform that offers daily inspiration with new travels offers to destinations all around the world. The company has grown in 5 years time to 700 employees and is active in 17 countries. Let’s take a look at their Monday morning diary.

Biking to work

Monday mornings normally start at around 08:30am when we ride to work on our very own TravelBird bikes, cycling past alongside Amsterdam’s famous canals. Our HQ is located in the city centre so we’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy some beautiful views during a peaceful journey into work. At the moment we have around 700 employees from over 30 nationalities, there’s always a vibrant and friendly atmosphere in the office, which makes up for the perfect work environment.

Snacking and Sipping

Our coffee counter (which doubles as our reception desk) combined with the availability of fresh fruit on demand ensure’s we’re always ready to kick-off Monday in the right way. It’s a central meeting point and a great place to invite someone for a meeting. At TravelBird we work according to the cell-structure developed by Eckhart Wintzen. This means we have 17 country cells and additional supporting cells such as Recruitment/HR, Finance and Tech. The cells work autonomously so this brings a lot of room for innovation and fast progress. We share a lot of knowledge in our company, so the coffee bar is definitely one of the places to come together and catch up with your colleagues from different cells.

Standup Time

When the caffeine has kicked in, we begin our day with a Recruitment team Standup to talk through notes from the weekly Management Team meeting which are shared with the whole company and explained by team leaders as well as discussing upcoming projects. This week, we were talking about ideas for our stand and presence at the upcoming ‘UpRise’ Festival at which we are participating. The Standup also gives the team a chance to share ideas, collaborate on problems and best practices which is a core part of TravelBird’s philosophy across the business.

Strategy Time

Here, James and Head of Design Frank Elbert are discussing hiring strategy and relevant profiles for the Interaction and Visual Design roles they are looking to fill. We work hard to attract the best Birdies from across the world! We highly value freedom and responsibility, within our employees, so we’re always looking for those people who can bring something extra to the table and aren’t afraid to take on new challenges.

Lunch Time!

Lunch time rolls around and as usual, the kitchen team have prepared a delicious and healthy selection of foods. Accompanied with fresh juices and soups, it’s the perfect time to repower for the afternoon.

So there you have it — a lovely Amsterdam morning. If moving your Monday morning to a new city like this one sounds appealing, we’ve got a plethora of opportunities for you. Take a look, and start applying!

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