Monday Morning in Bali

by Jobbatical September 21, 2015
Photo by Racmesh SA via Flickr

What’s it like to work in a tropical startup paradise?

One of our big goals at Jobbatical is to show the world that entrepreneurship is not confined to Silicon Valley. Here’s living proof: Nick Martin is co-founder of MagLoft and manager of the co-working & co-living space Livit Spaces in Bali Indonesia. Here’s a typical (read: perfect) Monday morning for him there.

My Morning View

Monday mornings I usually get up around 7AM in the morning. I draw the curtains and a beautiful view of the rice fields greet me. It feels absolutely amazing waking up to this view and it gets me in a grateful and optimistic state of mind right from the start of the day.

A Quick Dip

I tend to be a bit sleepy in the mornings, so one of the best ways for me to kick start my day is to jump in the pool and swim for about 10–15 minutes. We also use our pool area for weekly Cross Fit sessions to stay in shape.

Breakfast & Sunshine

After a shower and a quick packing of my bag I embark on my journey to our cafe, which is a whopping 18 paces from my door. This is one of the huge benefits of co-working and co-living. It’s around 8AM and there is usually only Thomas here, but not today.

We have a 5 person full time staff here at Livit Spaces who take care of all the daily mundane tasks for us like shopping, cooking, cleaning and the dishes. Yeah we’re pretty spoiled here! I order my usual scramble eggs, sausages and coffee and grab a seat. 5 minutes later checking my emails my breakfast is served.

Meetings & Snack Time

I’m the co-founder of MagLoft, a SaaS creating publishing apps, and as you can see our dress code is shorts and t-shirts. We start our Monday morning at 9AM and go through last week’s tasks and plan the week ahead. Our standups are a mix of scrum, kanban and our own style. We use Asana exclusively for task management and OKR’s for long term planning.

We just got our 10AM snack delivered by our staff. Dark red watermelon … nice!

Indoors & Out

Livit Spaces consists of 9 houses in total on our street, all in short walking distance. We are located in Batubulan on Bali, not far from Sanur. Our houses have unique features where some are solely accommodation, office or cafe and others like the MagLoft house, a mix of accommodation, lounge and office.

We typically roam around during the day working outside in gazebo’s, inside in the lounge/office and pool standups are not uncommon either.

Lunch Time

MagLoft is not the only startup here at Livit Spaces. We have Labster, SmartLaunch, Mailbird, Project Getaway, RateItApp and Vilondo as part of our family. It’s now lunch time and we get to meet each other in our garden cafe which is now buzzing with activity.

Due to our unique office/accommodation setup and our amazing staff, everyone here at Livit Spaces are masters of getting stuff done and having a lot of fun in the process!

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