Monday Morning in Belgrade

by Jobbatical October 12, 2015

Old Sava Bridge by Jeff Attaway

Join Jobbatical on another virtual tour of Monday morning in a new city. Then check out the career adventures that could actually transport your Monday to the other side of the world!

Meet our Guide

Andrea Rajić is the Social Media and Marketing Manager at mySkin, a company in Belgrade aiming to transform the world of skincare. Being an ever-curious fashion and beauty lover, she enjoys working on OKU, which she thinks will rock your perception of your own skin.

Follow her on Twitter at @alitriasilva or @get_OKU.

Andrea’s Monday in Beautiful Belgrade

A peaceful morning street.

Monday morning usually starts around 8am, when I (barely!) crawl out of bed, get ready for work and sip my first cup of coffee while browsing Pinterest. Since I’m everything but a morning person, I rarely have the time and will to make breakfast at home. Instead, I opt for having some at one of the charming bakeries along my route to the office.

One of the most popular bakeries in town.

After breakfast, I head to the office so I wouldn’t miss our Monday pre-meeting. It’s actually a great habit of our team: just before the official Monday morning meeting, we gather in the office kitchen for another cup of coffee and chit-chat before the day kicks off. Only then do we head to the official duties.

Monday morning meeting

After catching up with this week’s goals, I reach my laptop and my week can begin. I usually start by going over my achievements from the previous week and setting goals for the one ahead. I prefer starting my week with planning rather than diving into hundreds of emails first thing in the morning.

One of the many amazing bars Belgrade has to offer

We wrap up our morning pretty late, by heading to lunch around 1pm. Our offices are in the most central part of town, which gives us the opportunity to constantly explore Belgrade’s wide array of restaurants. It’s one of the things Belgrade is well known for: the choice of bars, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs is huge and very affordable at the same time.

Tašmajdan park in the centre of Belgrade

When coming back from lunch, we usually take a walk through one of Belgrade’s many parks. We really are lucky!

That’s how our Monday morning officially ends. If you’re curious about the rest of our day (and week!) you can always come and take a glimpse yourself!

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