Monday Morning in Berlin

by Jobbatical June 15, 2015
Photo: Luke Ma

(in five photos)

Where would your ideal Monday be?

Cheryl Howard

To help you figure this out, Jobbatical is inviting creative people from different cities to give us a glimpse of their mornings in five(ish) photos.

This week’s guest is Cheryl Howard, Canadian-born travel-lover who lives and works in Berlin. Cheryl blogs about her life and travels at

A Glimpse into Cheryl’s Monday Morning

Lately, my Mondays start off in a rather nerdy fashion. I’m a huuuuuge Game of Thrones fan, so I wake up extra early to watch the latest episode, review re-caps, and investigate spoilers/ fan theories about how it’s all going to end over the next two seasons. Told you I was nerdy!

Beautiful Prenzlauer Berg in Spring

Post Game of Thrones, I get ready for work.

I work at AVARI, a small start-up based in the mostly residential Prenzlauer Berg, a lovely district in east Berlin. I’m the company’s Scrum Master and work primarily with our talented Product Engineering team.

As I’m not a morning person, I usually skip breakfast and head straight to the office. Lucky for me, it’s only a 10 minute walk away from home!

My Awesome Apartment in Berlin (Complete with Disco Ball!)

Along the way, I stop for a coffee at Sankt Oberholz (a new franchise location at Helmholtzplatz) and order up a tasty flat white.

I quite enjoy the walk to work and purposely walk slowly, as our office is located in such a beautiful neighbourhood. The tree lined, cobble stoned streets and charming old apartments make my little commute to work quite pleasant.

Morning coffee in Berlin

Once at work, I gather with my team for a “daily stand-up” which is a short 15 minute meeting meeting where we each share what we accomplished the day before, what we plan on doing that day and anything that is holding us back from completing our work.

Anyone familiar with Agile software development approach, specifically scrum, will know that this is just one of the various meetings the team has throughout a given sprint.

For the remainder of the morning, I do things like help out with front-end testing or prepare reports about how the team is doing. Lately, I’ve been brushing up on my HTML and CSS skills.

Lunch in the park

Lunch is always a fun affair with our team. Each day, we venture out to different restaurants around our area. We eat everything from Mexican food, to Turkish food, to Italian. On especially nice days, we take our lunch and eat in the park under the sun.

Ice cream at Hokey Pokey

On special occasions, we finish lunch by having ice cream at the ever delicious Hokey Pokey!

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