Monday Morning in Helsinki

by Jobbatical August 31, 2015
“Helsinki y la catedral” by Mariano Mantel via Flickr

Startup life in the beautiful Nordic summer.

Good morning world! We’re adding another slice-of-life snapshot to Jobbatical’s Monday morning collection — this time it’s Helsinki with our host, Elena.

Meet Elena

Elena is based in Helsinki where she works for one of Europe’s hottest fintech startups Holvi. She is a marketing wizard behind Holvi’s blog, fireworks on social media channels and user acquisition. Follow her at @Leenazza.

Monday Begins

Mondays… I believe Monday mornings set the tone for the whole week, so I am learning how to get them right. After a quick shower and breakfast, I leave my apartment to kick start the week.

My morning commute to the office takes about 50 minutes, which is a lot for a small and cozy Helsinki. However, I have hacked my way to turning it into quality time by listening to podcasts. Currently I am hooked on Reply All, a show about the internet, and Planet Money that explains all things economy. Here is a screengrab of that.

Reply All Podcast that I listen to during my morning commute

Oh, and here is my walking path to the office across one of dozens of beautiful parks that Helsinki has to offer.

Morning path to the office

Morning coffee helps me kick things into gear. Fun fact of the day: Finland is one of the world’s largest consumers of coffee beans. Per capita consumption of raw coffee is a whopping 12 kilograms per year. Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that here no morning starts without that first cup of coffee.

There are plenty of cute coffee shops on the streets of Helsinki. Kaffa Roastery is my favorite place right next to our office and here is their Monday mantra:

Getting my morning coffee

Once in the office, I start my week by looking at the numbers from the previous 7 days and set my goals for the week.

Holvi’s morning office

At 10 o’clock the whole Holvi team gathers together for a Monday kick­off meeting, during which we look at the key weekly metrics. It is then followed by a sync­up with the commercial team that I am part of. These are happy Monday faces of the Holvi team.

Monday morning meeting

Of course, our office dog Senna never misses a Monday morning meeting.

Office dog Senna

The rest of the morning, I spend working on the most important things of the day. Around noon, we go for lunch. We like spending lunchtime with the team to catch up and discuss the latest Reddit article. Our office is located in the beautiful neighborhood not far from the sea, so we sometimes grab a sandwich and head to the park or sit by the sea. Sometimes we go to a nice local restaurant. Helsinki has it all and more — from Chinese to Moroccan.

Team lunch in the park // Local lunch place

Sometimes we cook together at the office, and when we do we take the task very seriously.

Here is our customer engagement lead Jonas making the best burgers in the universe.

Burgers in the making

Hope you’re having a good Monday today! Cheers!

Want to spend an amazing year in Helsinki with Holvi? They’re looking for an infrastructure engineer to join their team! Not an engineer? You can still get your Nordic fix just across the sea from Helsinki with an Estonian jobbatical.

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