Monday Morning in London

by Jobbatical May 11, 2015

A Mini Photo Essay

Imagine waking up on your first day of a new job and pulling open the curtains to gaze on an unfamiliar city that’s waiting to be explored.

To help you envision this, Jobbatical is inviting a creative person from a different city each week to share their Monday morning in five(ish) photos. Our first guest is creativity and lifestyle blogger Uli Schulz from

Uli’s Monday Morning in London

I leave the house in East London at around 8:45am and the first thing I do is send a Snapchat to my friends and family around the world to say good morning.

Uli is German, studied in Austria, has worked in Singapore, and now lives and works in London. She’s not alone — in the UK’s most recent census (2011) over a third of London’s population was born outside the UK.

My Monday morning starts properly when I have my take-away coffee. I only drink one a day but it’s an important one and I can get quite grumpy if I haven’t had my coffee in the morning.

When you think of London you may think tea, but rest assured, you can get great coffee there as well. And food — some claim that London has become the street food capital of the world within the past few years.

I work in Canary Wharf which is normally the district of bankers but there is also one advertising agency and that’s where I work.

Canary Wharf is sometimes called the Manhattan of London. Rent is high there and lifestyles lavish, but it offers quite the cityscape.

This is the creative agency I’m working for. I have no idea exactly how many we are but I assume
there are more than 500 people here. It’s a huge office but that also means I get to meet new people every day.

Uli is now a seasoned account manager, but she snagged her first job in London through ingenious social media campaign that made national news.

This photo is an exception, but a ‘mall on a boat’ just opened near our office and they gave away free champagne. We couldn’t say no.

We were flummoxed by the idea of a mall on a boat, but apparently boated businesses are not unheard of in London. On your way home from work, you might stop by a book barge or an on-deck record store.

Bonus (not in the morning but I had to share it): This is the view from my office. Sometimes you can see incredible sunsets or rainbows from here. I love it!

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