Shipitwise — You want to ship what?

by Jobbatical March 07, 2017

Shipitwise office welcoming a new member of the team.

Coffee, guitars, mini-mopeds and the world’s smallest card readers all have one thing in common — Shipitwise. There is no item too small, too big, or too odd for Shipitwise to ship.

Way back in 2014, the founders of Shipitwise saw a need to fill the gap between those big shipping companies you know the name of and bring shipping down to its essentials—getting anything from somewhere to somewhere else, hassle free and at a cost that made sense.

You see, those big shipping companies you know the name of had a rigid set of restrictions, policies, and just plain lack of personalization that often got in the way of fulfilling those slightly unorthodox or random shipments. So Shipitwise saw a need and sought to fill it; a personalized service that would use the existing logistics supply-chain to get your package safely and efficiently from your hands all the way into the hands of whoever’s at the final destination. Easy. Efficient. Pleasant.

What makes Shipitwise different?

The team at Shipitwise believes everyone from employees to customers is part of the team. With a focus on creating the word’s best user experience for shipping (they don’t like to brag but it’s true), they want their customers to have an enjoyable shipping experience. Now when was the last time you thought of shipping as enjoyable?

Sending packages with those big companies you know the name of can be a bit impersonal. They can also require you to become a master at packaging, price hunting, form filling or even communication with the drivers. Who wants to do that? Shipitwise. Full-service. Integrating all the logistic providers so you don’t have to.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia—a small country where everyone knows everyone (no, not really, but it can feel like it sometimes). We believe this makes us more apt to think of you as a neighbor or a friend rather than just a customer. We develop a relationship with you and whatever treasures you’re shipping, just like we would with someone we know personally (or that’s how we see it).

A company with an employee happiness meter

At Shipitwise, you can count on a lot of brainstorming and teamwork. As an international team, they find the best way to navigate differing cultures is through humor and making the office fun (often involving beer and wine — only in moderation, of course).

They foster open communication with the staff. Employees are not just a bolt in the system but are expected to participate with ideas and suggestions. Shipitwise understands that employees want not just to get paid but also to be heard. They also want to be included — and challenged. Innovation and problem solving is valued. And fun, don’t forget fun. You won’t find the word corporate used here.

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