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by Jobbatical March 16, 2017

Socialatom Ventures recently hired a portfolio manager through Jobbatical. We told her story here. Now let’s take a closer look at the company itself!

Proving that venture capitalists can bring much more to the table than just seed money, Socialatom likes to say that their most important venture is building the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their soup to nuts style bridges the gap between just having the money — and having the know-how to build your company.

Erik Stettler, Jessica Mercedes, Andres Barreto, and Edgard Duque from team Socialatom

Socialatom invests in global tech startups from across the Americas, from sourcing talent pools to seed capital vehicles and supporting infrastructure. Operating with the notion that Silicon Valley doesn’t hold all the keys to the kingdom, Socialatom believes talent is everywhere though opportunity is not. With a motto to always pay it forward, they actively seek global-minded business executives who intend to use the knowledge, experience and resources gained to continue as active investors and mentors to Latin America’s next generation of global entrepreneurs.

It also doesn’t hurt that they’re located in “The Land of Eternal Spring,” Medellín, Colombia. Once upon a time coffee and cartels made it famous — or rather infamous. Now it’s known as the most innovative city in the world, beating out Tel Aviv and New York according to The Wall Street Journal in 2013. The locals, called Paisas, have a reputation as traders, partiers and lovers of music and soccer. It’s the background buzz that gives Socialatom plenty of energy.

Buzzing Medellín. Image by oscar garces via Shutterstock

Why Socialatom’s associates can count on making more than money

Socialatom sees their associates as customers. Their philosophy is to run the company with the fundamental question of, “what would you do if you didn’t have to work for money?” Believing that everyone should explore their motivations and reach their full potential, Socialatom nurtures talent through programs like the Angel Partner Program.

This program is the first ‘Executive MBA’ for Venture Investors in Latin America and is designed to build expertise and a track record for up and coming entrepreneurs. Socialatom wants to give associates all the tools so they can succeed and be leaders in Latin America and beyond.

Socialatom strives to bring up world-class investors able to compete for the best deals in the world, maximize their investment performance through sophisticated portfolio strategies and personal branding.

Finding ongoing access to deals both within and outside the Latin American startup scene can often be difficult but Socialatom believes that the investor ecosystem is only getting smaller and more connected every day. Competing in this new paradigm is what Socialatom does best.

The world is their oyster

Want to open up the markets in the U.S.? Socialatom believes that global talent and knowledge is just that — global. As more industries become dependent on intellectual property then the most valuable assets will be what entrepreneurs generate and not the factory, not the machines, not the building — the war for expertise is only going to get harder and harder.

In the world of technology it’s becoming recognized that the further away you move from Silicon Valley, the better — financially, economically, everything.

The new normal is to nurture and train talent anywhere — Socialatom builds the ecosystem in Latin America, which in turn enhances connections to other startup hubs. If you want to open up markets in other countries you need to have a strong base in your home country. Through programs and their connections with the U.S. market, entrepreneurs and engineers can get real hands-on experience through advisory services, education and co-working spaces, allowing entrepreneurs the space to grow and thrive.

Socialatom provides a catalyst for growth — not just an investment.

Elise Baros, Socialatom’s resident jobbaticler

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