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by Jobbatical June 20, 2017

Giving students the opportunity to study anywhere with no limit except their imagination.

What if you could get your university education anywhere in the world? Would you even know where to begin to start the search? What about comparing costs and programs? Making the decision about where to study abroad can be difficult but also well worth it judging by countless articles by students and employers.

According to Lifehack, studying abroad pays for itself as your life progresses. You’ll gain skills and experience that will make you stand out from the crowd. In fact, some schools consider studying abroad a necessary rite of passage and judge your education incomplete without at least one international semester.

Dreaming of an international study abroad experience

As studying abroad increases globally, schools have started to compete for international students. Universities see international students as important to their school. It builds prestige for their program if students are willing to travel abroad to them. Foreign students increase diversity and offer a source to fill the local talent pool after graduation. And it can often provide much-needed money as foreign students often pay full price.

It sounds expensive, but attending school abroad can actually be more cost effective than staying in your home country as universities increasingly woo international students. In Europe for example, several countries are offering tuition-free Masters and PhD’s, making overseas schools attractive for US and Asian students who often have to pay high fees to study.

If you have to search for a university abroad on your own without any way to aggregate or classify programs other than Google — you’re in for a miserable and time-consuming struggle. So how do you find university programs that are of interest? How can you know what study program is best suited to you? A few years ago, you could only hope for a service like the one StudyPortals provides, where you can search and compare a wide spectrum of programs and universities across the world on a set of user-friendly web platforms dedicated to that very purpose.

StudyPortals Closes the Gap Between Students & Schools

When StudyPortals was founded by three students in 2009, it was still incredibly difficult to find information about programs and universities without going to each one directly or visiting the specific website of each university one after the other. In fact, most universities didn’t have enough material on the web to give a prospective student information for a proper evaluation. When enough information was available online, it was often formatted and presented differently from one university to the next, making it incredibly difficult to compare university programs. The universities themselves also had very limited means of reaching students about their programs without expensive marketing budgets.

StudyPortals saw the need to put together students and universities who both wanted the same thing. The company mission is “Empowering the world to choose education” and is grounded in an ambition to help students first chose for higher education, and then chose which education suits them best. StudyPortals believes in giving students and universities the means to connect, compare and investigate each other through information from the university and students who actually study there. At this moment, StudyPortals partners with over 2,450 universities around the world. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands, it’s building on success in Europe with plans to expand quickly into North America, Canada, and Asia.

Poised to grow & expand worldwide while keeping a startup mentality

Scaling up means a lot of hiring in the next year — staff is projected to double. Roxane Caudron, StudyPortals’ technical recruiter, explains that “in terms of culture we are looking for people who not only have a lot to contribute in terms of intellect and skill but even more important than that, we’re looking for people who fit in with our core values, and who will fit within our team as a whole.”

What are their core values? Making the world a little bit better. This includes charitable projects related to their mission or team, mostly with UNICEF Schools for Africa. StudyPortals looks for projects that invest in quality education for children in rural areas by building a platform that operates professionally and emphasizes results. They focus on promoting the involvement and self-reliance of the local community by a financial co-investment concept.

Personal growth is believed to be key to sustaining the company’s mission and drive the company’s progress. This is not only provided via encouraging staff learning, but in the way clients are supported with information and analytics. This intertwines with the company’s mantra of “Heads up & Hearts open,” a philosophy of optimism where there are no problems, just opportunities. Dedicated to everything they do, this team never gives up.

The company is also serious about fun. Team bonding is considered an important element of work culture. Quarterly events are built into the schedule in order to promote bonding and a time to plan strategy. They work hard and play hard.

StudyPortals Team in Eindhoven

With a team of 170 employees from 35 nationalities, keeping communication and feedback front and center is key so important things aren’t lost in translation. Hiring an international team has been deliberate since they work on an international scale. When onboarding new hires, they believe in one hundred percent commitment to their employees — giving you everything you need to succeed and flourish in a rapidly growing and dynamic company.

Want to be a part of making the world a more borderless society? StudyPortals is currently looking to fill 20+ roles from web development to marketing and sales.

Interested in living in Eindhoven? Here are StudyPortals’ tips for visiting and living in this amazing part of the Netherlands.

Eindhoven, Holland

Must-see sites in Eindhoven:

Visit the City Center and walk around to discover many shops, restaurants, and bars.

Go to Strijp-S to discover Philips’ buildings

DAF Museum

Sint-CatharinakerkPhilips Museum

Bottle DistilleryVan Abbe Museum

PSV Museum

Evoluon: building with a spaceship shape

De Blob: in the city center, interesting architecture

Flying Pins: unexpected artwork (John F. Kennedylaan )

The “Flying Pins” in Eindhoven

Some places to get the best…

Markets: Every Saturday there is an open-air Market at Kruisstraat (food, clothes, jewelry, candles, flowers, household products, hand-crafted products)

Feel Good Market in Strijp-S every third Sunday of the month from 12:00 to 18:00 (art, fashion and design, local products, organic snacks) also lots of activities, workshops and performances, dance, theatre and music

In December the Heppie Kerstmarkt (interesting gifts and all the profits go to Stichting Heppie, provides children in need with a well-deserved holiday).

Family Activities — Speelpark de Splinter & PreHistorisch Dorp

Swimming — De Tongelreep Swimming Paradise

Massage: Agua Spa Health & Beauty

The best expat bar: The Hub (expat bar). Events and classes offered.

Best locals bars:

100 Watt bar


Little One Bar

Van Moll

Café The Jack

De Bierprofessor

Café Costa

De Minibar

O’Sheas Irish Pub

Best places to go for a long weekend trip:

Amsterdam (NL) 1 ½ hours

Kinderdijk (NL) 1 hour

Brussels (Belgium) 1 hour

Antwerp (Belgium) 1 hour

Ghent (Belgium) 1 ¾ hours

Dusseldorf (Germany) 1 ½ hours

Maastricht (NL) 1 hour

Liège (Belgium) 1 ½ hours

Aachen (Germany) 1 hour

Best event in the city:

Carnaval King’s Day

The Flying Dutch (3 June)

The StudyPortals annual company retreat / Strategy Day

Favorite lunch spots close to StudyPortals:



Radio Royaal


T Koffiehuisje

Intelligentia ICE (ice cream shop)

Retro Fondue Restaurant Strijp-S

Best place for a date:

Kleine Berg: lots of restaurants and bars offer intimate dinners with a cozy atmosphere.

Wilhelminaplein: calmer bar with a more mature crowd. You can find some restaurants and bars

Best restaurants:

Umami by Han Eindhoven

De Burger


Restaurant de Lindehof

Wiesen Restaurant

De Luterverlde

La Vita e’Bella

Eetcafe Spijker

Friture Martin Zwerts (Fast food)

Best nightlife:

Eindhoven has the longest pub street in the Netherlands: Stratumseind (with more than 50 bars and clubs) From salsa, to rock and roll, dance, techno and Dutch party music. From Thursday to Saturday, open until 4 am.

The most unexpected things about Eindhoven:

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is outperforming the other European higher education facilities in all the innovation types. They show very high scores on radical innovation, incremental innovation, but also social innovation.

We have streets JUST for bikes! When Phillips set up in Eindhoven a few years ago, the city hired high-end architects to make sure the urban development of the city could handle the booming development that came with Phillips. We had to re-examine how everyone traveled from A to B, and now have a highly effective traffic system for all vehicle types, which includes streets only for bikes, bike and car tunnels and even a huge bridge-roundabout ONLY for bikes that cost about 6.3 million euros (called the Hovenring). There are the things that build the staple of Eindhoven’s transportation network.

Basically, what makes Eindhoven unique is its constant and extreme innovative spirit.

The pedestrianized streets, historic churches, and remnants of industry sit perfectly next to newer residential and office buildings, giving it a character of welcoming change while respecting the past.

Sound like the place for you? Right now StudyPortals has 20+ jobs in tech, sales, marketing and more, most of them in amazing Eindhoven. Start your new life — apply now.

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