Image of remote worker setup in Thailand

5 Best Practices for Setting Up a Remote Team

by Lauren Proctor November 28, 2018 Hiring, Hiring Advice

(Image source: Pixabay) Mark Meyer works as the content manager at Spokeo, a service company that offers reverse number lookup.

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3 Things You Need to Accept if You’re Working on a Multicultural Team

by Maria Magdaleena Lamp July 07, 2017 Job Tips, Talent

There are some deep universal truths that make cross-cultural communication easier. Those truths are not what we’re here to talk

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5 Awkward Things About Living Abroad That Will Make You a More Successful Person

by Maria Magdaleena Lamp June 30, 2017 Job Tips, Talent

Moving abroad and starting a life in a new city is a minefield of awkward situations ready to blow up

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Build the future of connectivity with Lattelecom

by Maria Magdaleena Lamp May 08, 2017 Hiring

A not-so-traditional telco in a small country is looking for big international talent. Here’s why you should be paying attention.

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Navigating the stormy seas of a multicultural workplace

by Jobbatical July 14, 2016 Talent

A beginner’s guide to not panicking about communication breakdowns in the office By Maria Magdaleena Lamp Lost at sea? Don’t be

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