You Can Help Create The World’s First (Real) Digital Nomad Visa

by Jobbatical February 09, 2018 News & Features

No visa runs, no legal gray area—a legit visa tailor-made for digital nomads. The future of the mobile workforce is now,

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How to run an analytics startup like a game

by Dea Martinjonis May 04, 2017 Hiring, Hiring Advice

The story of CALLSTATS I/O — a global team building a sophisticated SaaS platform in Finland So four startup founders, none of

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Why We Need To Distribute Knowledge (and a picture of a real brain)

by Jobbatical March 23, 2017 News & Features

Sitting on a plane above the clouds of Germany, I would like to take a moment recap the CeBIT conference

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Socialatom — building entrepreneurs without borders

by Jobbatical March 16, 2017 Hiring

Socialatom Ventures recently hired a portfolio manager through Jobbatical. We told her story here. Now let’s take a closer look

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RTO Africa — hiring globally to change lives locally

by Jobbatical March 14, 2017 Hiring

How a social business is creating tangible change in rural African communities by empowering farmers and small entrepreneurs In much

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Why I Changed My Mind About Feminism

by Jobbatical March 08, 2017 Talent

Me and my girl. Photo by Joe Kit I got an early start in my professional life when I invented a

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Why trust is the most important investment in hiring

by Jobbatical March 02, 2017 Hiring

The story of a Nordic IT giant that’s building a passionate and resilient team fueled by mutual trust Tieto utilizes the

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Building software in the friendliest country on Earth

by Jobbatical November 08, 2016 Talent

When it’s sunny, it’s great. When it’s not sunny, it’s also great. Arcanys is a Swiss-founded software development outsourcing company with

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Why You Must Hire “A” Level Players

by Jobbatical October 27, 2016 Hiring, Hiring Advice

Conventional wisdom says startup founders should hire for scale e.g., the top-notch sales manager who can bring in bonanza accounts

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How a passionate startup is driving the growth of East Africa’s tech industry

by Jobbatical October 06, 2016 Hiring

Uganda’s emerging tech scene is ready to welcome engineers with a sense of mission Motorcycle taxis are incredibly popular in African

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7 things I learned about social enterprise in Malaysia

by Jobbatical August 11, 2016 Talent

Lessons from a life-changing fellowship by Reisy Abramof A social enterprise fellowship with Scope Group took Reisy Abramof from Brazil

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How to Navigate the Stormy Seas of a Multicultural Workplace

by Jobbatical July 14, 2016 Job Tips, Talent

A multicultural workplace has a lot of potential. For awkwardness. Here’s a beginner’s guide to not panicking about communication breakdowns

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4 successful entrepreneurs’ tips for hiring

by Jobbatical June 09, 2016 Talent

Successful entrepreneurs tend to have a few things in common. One of those unifying threads is their open-mindedness when it

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Your guide to the Italian startup visa

by Jobbatical April 05, 2016 Talent

We spoke to Mattia Corbetta from the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy, and Giacomo Putignano, founder of the startup

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Jobbatical Stories: From Germany to Malaysia

by Jobbatical March 24, 2016 Talent

photo by Michael Camilleri Katja was working as a freelancer in Penang when she discovered Jobbatical. Deciding she needed something

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Why I Wanted to Hire A Turtle

by Jobbatical February 29, 2016 Hiring

Within our first year of launching Jobbatical, it became clear to me that Southeast Asia is the hotspot region for

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Monday Morning in Bangkok

by Jobbatical February 22, 2016 Talent

Bangkok Sunset by Mike Behnken on Flickr This story is part of our Monday Morning series, in which startups around the

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2016: The Year of Superheroes

by Jobbatical January 05, 2016 Talent

I was lying by the ocean in Thailand on the last days of 2015 and while looking at the endless

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Never, Never, Never Give Up, Even If You Should

by Jobbatical October 09, 2015 Talent

with my two brilliant co-founders Today Jobbatical has a community of twenty thousand people from Silicon Valley to South Korea

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